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DCA Staff

Department of Campus Activities staff is here to offer students new experiences, and enrichment that goes beyond the classroom. We strive to provide quality programs, services and facilities.  Our department is dedicated to assist in the development of students, faculty, and staff of Western Carolina University to foster a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

Our Admin office oversees the department's daily business.  

Jeff Hughes


Jeff Hughes oversees the University Center's operations, staff, and offers support to student media groups. 

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Leigh Hudspeth serves as primary support for the Director of Campus Activities. Leigh handles student contracts for payroll, processes DCA professional staff and student travel, and supplemental funding for clubs and organizations. He is the supervisor of the administrative staff. 

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Leigh Hudspeth


Amanda processes purchase orders for the department. Amanda supervises the budgets for Leadership Programs and Miracle at WCU. Got a contract? Amanda facilitates all contracts within the Department of Campus Activities for performers, speakers, artists, and more!

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Image of Amanda Maggard


Students and Presenter, Dr. Carol Burton, at Whee Lead Conference

Participants at Whee Lead Conference

Catamounts can reach their leadership potential by participating in Leadership Programs. 

Committed to student growth and development, we provide students with the formal and informal leadership opportunities they need to prepare students to be active participants in their communities after graduation. New students can jump right in and get involved with Cat Camp - a leadership retreat for new first-year students - and the Freshman Leadership Institute.




Photo of Palin Berkana-Wycoff


Palin provides vision for, creates, and implements leadership programs for the Leadership Programs Unit. Palin teaches LEAD classes. Palin co-advises the Miracle at WCU Executive Committee. 

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Leslie maintains and curates leadership programs such as Cat Camp, Whee Lead, Whee Takeover, and the Freshman Leadership Initiative. Leslie also teaches LEAD classes.

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Leslie Cavin


Students at Carnival

Homecoming Carnival!

Students can broaden their horizons with the office of Student Involvement by joining a club or attending an event. The Student Involvement Unit provides a variety of entertainment and educational opportunities for our Catamounts. Last Minute Productions, our student programming board, hosts comedians, spoken word artists, concerts, movies and other fun events. The Arts and Cultural Events series focuses on the arts for programming such as ballet, graffiti artists, and DIY art workshops.

The Associate Director for Student Programs & Activities supervises the student programming board, Last Minute Productions and advises the executive branch of Student Government Association. In the department, The Associate Director for Student Programs & Activities is over assessing the departments goals and achievements. The Associate Director for Student Programs & Activities directly supervises the Student Involvement Unit. 



Brandon advises the legislative branch of Student Government Assocation. Brandon is charged with recognizing student clubs and organizations and managing club space. Do you know Engage? Brandon can help grant access and is a guru of all things Engage. 
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Brandon Lokey


Diane Swenson


Diane Swenson maintains the department's social media accounts and other marketing channels such as digital signage in the UC, digital assests, advertisements, print materials, promotional materials. Diane supervises the DCA Marketing Team and advises the Miracle at WCU external operations. In the interim, Diane currently supervises the student programming board, Last Minute Productions. 

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Katie Sorel assists the Student Involvement unit with budgeting, contracts, and purchase orders. Katie also assists Clubs and Organizations with their budget accounts.
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Katie Sorel


When our Cats need a space to meet, our Operations team is there to help. 

Saw an awesome set-up at the UC? Michael is the person to assist with operations. Michael supervises Linda, Wes, and James on the daily operations of the UC and the Blue Ridge Conference Center. 
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Michael Rymell


Do you need a meeting space or place to host an event? Linda is there to help! Linda is in charge of reservations at the UC, Blue Ridge Conference Center, picnic area, and Electron Garden. Have a great banner? Linda can reserve a spot on the front of the UC for you. Need a permit? Linda is your person. 
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Linda Snyder


Having equipment at your event? James can assist with that. James oversees the Tech Crew and technical set-ups for reservations in the department. 
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James Houtzer


Wes Taylor


Wes oversees the building managers and housekeeping in operations. Borrowing a laptop? Wes manages that WCU asset and other assets in the department. 
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Eddie supervises the housekeepers at the UC and other DCA run operations. 
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Eddie Pettway


Brandon is a housekeeper with DCA.
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Brian is a housekeeper with DCA. 
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Roman is a housekeeper with DCA.
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Sherita is a housekeeper with DCA.
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Tim is a housekeeper with DCA.
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