Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon


In the mountains of Western North Carolina, WCU’s Dance Marathon is a 12-hour event where Catamounts pledge to dance for 12 hours to raise awareness and financial support for the miracle families of Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital. This generation fighting for the next. How big of an impact will YOU make this year?

A big THANK YOU for everyone who made the 2017 event such a success!  With the support of our campus and local community, we raised a WCU record-breaking $29,209.14! Check out the recap video for Dance Marathon 2016!

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Dance Marathon 2019
March 30
10am - 10pm

Dance Marathon is an international movement involving college and high school students who raise money for the Children's Miracle Network of hospitals. Students founded Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon in 1991 in the memory of Ryan White. Since its inception the movement has expanded to over 100 universities and colleges across the globe.  

Donations raised through WCU Dance Marathon help fund a Child Life Specialist at the Children's Hospital of Greenville Health System. Every parent’s worst nightmare is the possibility that his or her child will be diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness or experience a tragic accident. What happens, though, to the child whose parent experiences a tragic accident or is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?  This is where the Child Life Services team joins the family in supporting and assisting the children whose parents are undergoing long-term medical care. Supporting children in these circumstances, even though they themselves are not sick, is just as important as supporting children who are sick. We do not take our motto, “For the Kids” lightly and will continue to provide our services and help in whatever way we possibly can to ensure miracles continue to happen for all children.

We are proud to support the Child Life Services program at Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health Systems. 

WCUDM has raised over $110,000 in the last 6 years!

2017 - $29,209.14
2016 - $21,510.72
2015 - $12,681.02
2014 - $10,871.97
2014 - $11,616.87 
2013 - $16,367.25
2012 - $8,215.83

Lead Advisor - Brandon Lokey, Department of Campus Activities

Dance Marathon Hospital


Children's Hospital of Greenville Health System (GHS) is located in Upstate South Carolina.  Board-certified physicians care for more than 330,000 infants, children, and adolescents each year.  From primary care to child life services, we are dedicated to providing outstanding medical care for every child.  We are committed to serving not only the patient’s well being, but also the well being of their families.  

Pediatric radiologists and anesthesiologists are on-site around the clock, providing expert care specifically tailored to the needs of children, including critically ill and premature newborns. 

Physicians, nurses, therapists and other clinicians approach patient care through the eyes of a child.  From pediatric sized medical equipment to patient room decor, innovative care is delivered in a child friendly environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

who does wcudm support?

WCU Dance Marathon supports the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, specifically the Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System. Participants raise funds and awareness year-round to support the children and families at the hospital.

what if i can't dance?

Dance Marathon is not all about actual dance skills.  Think of 'dancing' as a celebratory term. Kids celebrate by dancing, right? We celebrate the milestones we will reach this year by pledging to stand and dance to bring awareness of those – it’s a celebration of life! In hindsight, any type of dancing is welcome.

what does 'FTK' mean?

“FTK” is an acronym that stands for “For the Kids”.

who was ryan white?

As a thirteen-year old, Ryan contracted AIDS through contaminated blood transfusions he received for hemophilia. Because of ignorance about AIDS at the time, Ryan was not allowed to return to classes. Throughout his own struggles with this disease and public misconceptions, Ryan spoke out and even testified before the President’s Commission on AIDS. After a courageous struggle, Ryan White died on April 8, 1990, the spring before he had planned to attend Indiana University. His fight to help those afflicted with infectious diseases is continued, in part, by the Indiana University Dance Marathon Council. In memory of Ryan’s life and work, the annual Dance Marathon benefits Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis and established the Ryan White Infectious Disease Center.

why should I get involved?

There are multiple reasons why it is a great idea to get involved with Dance Marathon. For one, it is truly a life-changing experience for everyone who participates. Over the course of all of the fundraising, and that at the marathon, we learn exactly why we are dancing. When you meet the Miracle families and hear them tell their stories, you know why you’re there.

In addition, WCUDM is a family. Whether you’re on a committee or you’re at the marathon as a dancer, everyone is coming together as a community to do something for the community. It is absolutely a special feeling that you get to share with everyone else at the marathon.

how do i raise money?

Throughout the year, there are many different fundraising opportunities offered by the WCUDM which makes it easy to get a head start on your fundraising goal. Most participants also send emails or make phone calls to close friends and family, which is a great way to raise money for the kids! Tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing and what WCUDM is all about and most people are happy to contribute!

FAQ adapted from Indiana University Dance Marathon and Iowa State Dance Marathon websites

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