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Millennial Partner Resources

Public and private business partners operating within WCU's Millennial Initiative site have access to extensive academic resources through WCU's six academic colleges. Resources include two entities focused on regional research and business development:

Student inspecting a 3D printed machinery part

3D Printing at the Rapid Center

Center for Rapid Product Realization: WCU's Rapid Center, located on the main campus in the College of Engineering and Technology, offers businesses access to product research and development in design labs staffed by full-time engineers and supported by engineering faculty and students. The Rapid Center partners regularly with businesses to design new products to solve business needs and to create and test production techniques to take a product from concept to production.

Corporation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Operated out of WCU's College of Business, the Corporation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) supports entrepreneurship and economic development across the region. Through CEI, private entities can access services provided by WCU's expert faculty with diverse expertise in business strategy, marketing, research, scientific analysis, information technology and much more. 

Trained Student Workforce

In addition to R&D resources, partners operating on the Millennial Initiative site have access to potential student interns in a wide variety of fields including engineering, various health professions, marketing, sales, accounting and finance, audio and video production, the natural sciences, education and much more. The WCU campus is home to more than 4,500 residential students and serves more than 10,800 total undergraduate or graduate students. Wondering if we have students trained to serve your company's needs? Learn more about our programs here.

Partner Amenities

Employees working on the Millennial Initiative site can take advantage of a wide variety of amenities available on the WCU campus including healthcare clinics for primary care and physical therapy, an on-campus indoor pool, a large scale fitness center, Hunter Library, and cultural amenities such as the Mountain Heritage Center and Bardo Arts Center. 

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