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Local Government Training Program (LGTP)



Since its inception in 1984, the Local Government Training Program (LGTP) at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee has addressed the training needs of public officials and personnel in the 26 westernmost counties of North Carolina. The LGTP brings courses from the UNC School of Government in Chapel Hill to the western part of the state.

The LGTP also offers workshops and seminars tailored to the specific needs of regional offices, and, upon request, arranges consultations and video teleconferences with state officials and experts in the field. Through the LGTP, local officials and public personnel in Western North Carolina can receive:

  • Training in necessary technical skills.
  • Opportunities to share and exchange information with peers.
  • Updates on trends and developments affecting local government, including changes in federal and state programs.
  • Help in anticipating and formulating policy for current and future concerns of western North Carolinians.

For a list of training opportunities in Western North Carolina this year, please visit the LGTP Calendar.

The LGTP is part of the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs at WCU.

For more information, contact LGTP director, Bob Boylan.

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