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Project Discovery is a College Access Program

Project Discovery ~ Talent Search is about helping students make it to college and beyond. We offer important classroom guidance activities and workshops to help students finish high school and go to college. In addition, outdoor adventure and cultural programs help provide students with an authentic learning environment where their choices and resulting consequences can give them great insight into other important decisions in their lives.

Outdoor and Cultural Programs

We have found that adventure activities, such as the ones that we provide are great tools for personal growth in our students. Youth are looking for excitement and adventure in their lives and we at Project Discovery ~ Talent Search believe we can provide Healthy Adventure that is exciting and challenging and supports students in their emotional, physical and mental growth. Growth requires effort and often a bit of discomfort. Growth requires that we venture beyond our "comfort zones." Growth is what we are after.

College visits


College Visits

Talent Search high school students from all our target schools have the opportunity throughout the year to participate in college visits.  In the summer, we spend several days traveling across North Carolina, by bus, visiting multiple colleges.  This experience helps students find the college that is right for them and gives them an opportunity to make new friends.



Outdoor Classroom


Outdoor Classroom

Talent Search students are encouraged to participate in a two-day outdoor classroom.  Seventh and eighth-grade students will enjoy an exciting 24 hour adventure; rock climbing, canoeing, repelling, mountain biking, fishing and camping.







Each summer we bring seventh and eithth grade Talent Search students from all of our target schools to WCU to experience "College Life". They stay in the residence halls, participate in science classes, on campus and in the Smoky Mt. Park.  They eat in the cafeteria, climb the huge climbing wall and so much more...and always make new friends.





Project Discovery Students on the Lewis and Clark Expeditions


High and Low Element Challenge Courses

Challenging yourself, working as a team and climbing to new heights. The Alpine Tower requires you to pause and work out your next move before you make it. While the low ropes course pushes you and your fellow Talent Search students to work together as a team solving physical "puzzles" and learning to trust one another.




On the road DC


On The Road

During the summer Talent Search may hit the road for multiple days on bicycles to visit new places and meet new people. Getting out of our comfort zone through challenging ourselves allows us to become more open-minded and better educated about the world around us. We can make friends anywhere and we've met some truly wonderful people thus far.



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