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CLEP: College-Level Examination Program

CLEP Exams test your knowledge of introductory college-level subjects and allow you to earn college credit for what you already know. Visit the Registrar's website for a complete list of CLEP Subject Examinations for which WCU may award academic credit. Consult with the university of your choice to determine their individual CLEP policies.

Continuing Education offers CLEP testing at least monthly on scheduled dates. To register, click on the link below and choose the appropriate date and CLEP test. Special dates of testing can be arranged on a limited basis. A scheduled test date administration fee is $40 and is non-refundable. A non-scheduled test date administration fee is $95 and is non-refundable. Individuals taking the English Composition Exam should review the Scoring Schedule before registering. This fee is in addition to the $89 CLEP test fee (as of July 1, 2019).

IMPORTANT:  CLEP requires a waiting period of 90 day (3 months) between attempts at the same test.


Step 1

To register for a regularly scheduled CLEP Exam Click Here *See new requirements below
If you have received approval for a custom date & time Click Here to Register

Step 2

The College Board requires all CLEP test takers to set up an account and purchase the exam BEFORE arriving at the testing center. This exam payment is separate from the $40 test center fee paid when you register through WCU.

To set up an account, CLICK HERE
Once your account is created and you have paid for your exam, you will need to PRINT your exam voucher and BRING IT WITH YOU when you come to the WCU Testing Center.


Request for special accommodations, if applicable.
If you have a learning or physical disability that would prevent you from taking a CLEP exam under standard conditions, you may request special accommodations and arrangements to take it on either a regularly scheduled test date or at a specially scheduled administration. For details, please contact the CLEP test administrator at the college where you plan to take the exam before you register. It is important that you notify your chosen Testing Center of your needs several weeks before your desired test date. For specific information on accommodations visit
CLEP Exams .

CLEP candidates must provide TWO forms of identification. The primary ID must be a government-issued photo ID. The ID must include the candidate's name, signature, and a recognizable photo. Secondary ID must include a signature and/or photo.

Acceptable forms of primary identification include:

  • A current driver's license.
  • A current state or federal ID card.
  • A current passport.

Acceptable forms of secondary identification include:

  • A social security card.
  • A current employee photo ID.
  • A current student photo ID.
  • A credit card with photograph.
  • An unused ID from the primary choices above.

Visit the College Board website for more information on preparation offerings for CLEP tests (Choose "CLEP" under the "Student Products" menu at left of page).

For questions about taking a CLEP test at WCU please call 828-227-7397 or email

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