Profiling for Profit: What Crossed Arms Don't Tell You

Profiling for Profit


Thursday, October 5, 2017
9 am to 1 pm
WCU at Biltmore Park
Cost: $79, early registration rate through September 15, 2017
General CEUs are awarded at the completion of this program

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This workshop is designed to educate real estate and sales professionals on how to look for the nuances of body language and interpret what the prospect's body is saying when having a conversation.

Our research has proven time and again that we are taught what to do with our bodies to protect us from unwanted approaches - crossed arms indicate a 'no buy' attitude. This is not completely true as this is a learned response and not what the person's subconscious is processing.

In this four-hour workshop participants will learn how to read the 'nuances' of body language and what those readings really mean. We will have you partake in actual situations where you will perform in both salesperson and prospect scenarios.

For more information call 828-227-7397 or email

Instructor: Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry Earthwind Nichols


Terry is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Terry is a business consultant and unique therapeutic coach in the Health and Wellness Industry in addition to being a Social Media expert. Known as the Father of the Cellular Regression™ Model, Terry educates CR Practitioners via a unique virtual online classroom experience of Livestream, power point, white board, as well as chat rooms and Q&A room. is a SDVOSB.

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