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How to Give and Receive Constructive Performance Feedback

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2022 Dates TBD
9 am to 3:30 pm
Online Live Training
Fee: $159
Instructor: Betty Farmer

Online registration information coming soon!

Giving performance feedback is one of the most critical supervisory and managerial communication skills. Feedback needs to be delivered frequently, and in a way that motivates and inspires employees to perform at their peak. Too often, though, feedback doesn’t have the intended impact: Employees become defensive, emotional or resistant to the suggested changes. In the first half of this workshop, you’ll learn the difference between positive, negative and constructive feedback, the role of emotional intelligence in the feedback process, and participate in role-playing exercises that will help you help your employees identify and close their performance gaps. 

The ability to give performance feedback, however, is necessary, but not sufficient. Leaders also have to be adept at receiving feedback. Moreover, leaders need to help their team members receive feedback effectively. Arguably, the person receiving feedback is in charge. What can you do to help your employees be more open to receiving constructive performance feedback? In the second half of this workshop, you’ll learn the key barriers that keep people from accepting performance feedback, strategies for helping employees be more open to feedback, as well as the importance of creating a company culture that celebrates constructive feedback. 

This workshop can also be used towards the WCU Professional Outdoor Industry Certificate and our Organizational Transformation and Leadership Certificate. 

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