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Customer Service | Train the Trainer Program

Customer Service


2018 Dates TBA
WCU at Biltmore Park

Providing the highest level of customer service is critical to the profit and success of an organization; however, in the hospitality and tourism business, and even in the nonprofit industry, employee shifts and staff turn-over can make it difficult for managers to train staff. Learning effective customer service skills requires hands-on-training and group activities to help trainees internalize problem-solving and communication skills that meet the needs of both internal and external customers.

This Train-the-trainer Customer Service Certificate Program is designed to help businesses incorporate an in-house training program that will empower managers and supervisors to effectively train staff at a variety of different times throughout the year. Once managers become trainers in the art of customer service, they can cater the program to include the special nuances that enhance how you deliver your product and/or service.

By learning the content, practicing the presentation, and then training employees to use the Eight Commandments of Customer service, managers and supervisors will continue to reinforce five-star service.

Eight Commandments of Customer Service
Instructor: Susan Fouts

Providing the highest level of customer service is critical to the success of any organization. In Day one of the program, participants will review the eight commandments of customer care, which provide a basis for exceptional customer service. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify their internal customers, and the effect of internal customer service on the external service that’s provided to customers and/or with business partners and vendors. Most importantly participants will learn the impact of external customer service and how this creates an eternal customer.

In this workshop participants will learn firsthand how the instructor incorporates lecture, activities and group discussion to enhance the learning experience.

Presenting with Impact: The Dynamics of Facilitation
Instructor: Neela Munoz

More than ever, being able to speak confidently and authentically is a defining quality of leadership. In the second day of training, participants explore and practice the specific skills anyone can develop to become a consistently effective speaker. Through a series of activities, participants explore a concrete approach to connecting with an audience, delivering a message that is integrated with their body and voice. In this case, the message will have a customer service focus based on the content learned in Day 1. All participants will be videotaped delivering a brief presentation, and then will receive feedback tailored to their strengths and developmental areas.

Facilitation Tools that Enhance Group Learning
Instructor: TBD

Participants will learn a variety of facilitation tools including adapting a presentation to the size of an audience, using hands on activities and exercises to engage learners, knowing how to read body language and measure the interest level of the group and tools for measuring the learning process; whether it’s all sinking in!

Practicing the Presentation and Refining Facilitation Skills
Instructor: Susan Fouts

In this session, participants will be given an opportunity to practice presenting a small section of the Eight Commandments of Customer Service training so they can become comfortable with the content, using the facilitation tools and measuring the groups’ level of interest and learning. Participants will then receive constructive feedback related to what works and areas that could be improved on for presenting the formal training to their teams.

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