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Crisis Communication Planning and Response: How to Communicate Before, During and After a Crisis

Crisis Communication


Friday, September 17, 2021
WCU at Biltmore Park, Asheville
9am - 3:30 pm

Early registration: $139 through Tuesday, August 17, 2021.
Registration after August 17: $169.
Instructor: Betty Farmer, PhD
6 SHRM PDCs available at the completion of the program
(Group Live/Marketing)


Crises are a fact of life. Regardless of the type of organization, we all are at risk. Manufacturers experience serious accidents and product recalls. Restaurants reel from outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. Educational institutions deal with deadly shootings. Government and business leaders commit crimes and/or act unethically. Etcetera.

The question likely is not IF but WHEN will a crisis occur. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to prepare fully or fail to keep their crisis communication strategies up-to-date. How organizations/individuals communicate before, during and after a crisis can have a profound impact on reputation and brand, community relations, customer loyalty, and the bottom line. If handled well, your organization may emerge stronger than before the crisis. If not handled well…

Is your organization ready to communicate when your worst nightmare becomes a reality?

In this hands-on, participatory workshop, attendees will explore:

  • Key principles of effective crisis communication
  • The leadership imperative (obligations and opportunities)
  • Case study examples of effective and ineffective crisis responses
  • Suggestions for monitoring and managing social media during crisis
  • The elements of the Crisis Communication Plan (CCP)

Attendees will receive a digital template for a basic CCP, and will have the opportunity to begin drafting elements of the plan during the workshop.

To facilitate collaboration and productivity, multiple members of your organization’s crisis team are encouraged to attend. (See multiple team member registration discount info.)

Attendees are also encouraged to bring laptop computers (at least one per team) to the session.

Attendees who already have a CCP are invited to bring their plans for sharing, refining, updating, etc.

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