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What Say You, Bro? Communications For Men

Man talking to group of people at table


Thursday, September 9, 2021
9 am - 3:30 pm / WCU Biltmore Park, Asheville
Registration Fee: $149
5.5 SHRM PDCs available


What is mansplaining? Is it okay to compliment a woman’s looks? What about hugs? 

Are you unsure what is expected when communicating with women in the workplace? Do you avoid certain conversations for fear of “stepping in it”? Have you felt that your intentions were misunderstood? Is communicating  with women a mystery? 

You may have heard that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. While we are much more complex than that, you have probably experienced real differences between men and women when it comes to communication, especially in professional work environments. 

While not all women or men communicate in the same way there are some distinct  differences in how we do communicate. These differences may be formed by our gender, personality, biology, culture, and upbringing.. 

This course is designed as a safe place to share our own personal experiences so that we may better understand how to effectively communicate with women and those with different gender identities. We will also discover that becoming a more aware and present communicator with women will help us men connect more effectively and personally with one another.   

Topics covered and skills learned:

  • #MeToo and the new rules of the game
  • Seeking first to understand, and then to be understood
  • Interpreting nonverbal messages
  • Practicing empathetic listening
  • Learning how to apologize when a mistake has been made
  • Speaking from the head and the heart 
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