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Communication Strategies Certificate for Women

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Complete this three-day certificate program or register for one or more workshops to improve your effectiveness as a professional woman in a current or future management or leadership role!

Cost: $159 per workshop or $425 for the full certificate

Dates and online registration information coming soon!

Workshop Schedule:

Powerful Communication Strategies for Women
Many women have built successful careers, but too few women have reached the highest levels in corporations, government, education and non-profit organizations. In ways that men do not, women must navigate a variety of obstacles, including cultural expectations and stereotypical views. In this day-long workshop designed especially for women, you’ll learn more about the status of women across disciplines, increase your understanding of key gender differences in communication, and build skills in nonverbal communication, listening and conflict management.

Powerful Presentation Skills for Women
The ability to present yourself and your ideas with confidence is essential for professional success and career advancement. In this day-long workshop designed especially for women, you’ll learn how to make a positive first impression, meet and greet with ease, and polish and practice your elevator pitch. You’ll build confidence and skills that will enable you to be heard in meetings, deliver presentations with poise and presence, and strengthen storytelling skills.

Self-Leadership Strategies for Women
Management expert Peter Drucker once said: “Being a self-leader is to serve as chief, captain, president, or CEO of one’s on life.” Self-leadership is your ability to set goals and to intentionally work to achieve those goals. This requires self-awareness, self-management, a growth mindset, and essential planning and organizing skills. In this day-long workshop designed especially for women, you’ll learn how to address feelings and negative self-talk associated with “the imposter syndrome,” grow and show confidence in your talents and abilities, and adopt proven time management skills to attain a healthy work-life balance. 

Instructor: Dr. Betty Farmer 

Dr. Betty Farmer is an award-winning professor of communication at Western Carolina University and sought-after communication consultant and trainer. Her specialty areas include leadership and managerial communication, emotional intelligence, gender communication, crisis communication and communication skills training. 


“Dr. Betty Farmer is like bacon. You know her workshop is always going to be good!”

"Dr. Betty Farmer's presentation was engaging and I appreciated that it was interactive. There were several things I took notes of during the presentation that were helpful.”

“I enjoyed her presentation!  I felt like she delivered the information in an engaging way and the information presented was relevant.”

“It was a great session. The listening exercise was powerful. Being able to paraphrase what was heard and the feeling was powerful and an area I need to improve.”

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