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Partnership with Landmark Learning

Western Carolina University (WCU) partners with Landmark Learning to award academic degree credit for an approved course.

Credit hours will be awarded on the basis of 15 hours of in-class time per credit hour or other measure conforming to the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the UNC Board of Governors.

WCU Course Equivalents

WCU PRM Course Landmark Learning Course Notes

PRM 355 Outdoor First Aid (4 credits) *
PRM 426- Water-based Outdoor (4 credits) *
PRM 486- Field Experience (4 credits) *

Landmark Semester includes the following courses:

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician**
Level 2 Canoe Instructor and Level 4 Swift Water Rescue and Wilderness Lifeguard**
LNT Master Educator

*Student will be enrolled in 3 PRM courses for the Landmark Semester package of courses.
**Must complete all Landmark Semester Courses to earn 12 hours. No partial credit will be given.

PRM 486 Field Experience (3 credits) Basic First Aid and CPR Instructor  
PRM 486 Field Experience (4 credits) Leave No Trace Master Educator  
PRM 486 Field Experience (2 Credits) Swift water Rescue  
PRM 486 Field Experience (2 Credits) Wilderness Lifeguard  
PRM 486 Field Experience (3 credits) Introduction to River Conaoeing Instructor  
PRM 486 Field Experience (4 credits) LNT Master Educator  

PRM 352 Beginner/Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking (3 credits)
PRM 353 Beginner/Intermediate Whitewater Canoeing (3 credits)
PRM 486 Field Experience (3 credits)

Level 4 Canoe or Kayak Instructor If WCU student, PRM advisor will determine which course to provide as an equivalent.
PRM 356 Outdoor First Aid (4 Credits)

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Emergency Medical Technician Intensive (EMT)

PRM 486 Field Experience (3 credits)

Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals

PRM 357 Wilderness First Responder (4 Credits) Wilderness First Responder (WFR)  


Information for current WCU Students:

Fall and Spring semester only:
You may receive academic credit as part of your regular course load by permission of Dr. Bobilya. Please contact Dr. Bobilya directly at
Your academic credits are eligible for financial aid during fall and spring semesters by approval of Dr. Bobilya.

Summer and Winter breaks:
Contact Landmark Learning for course availability to register and pay for the course directly through Landmark Learning and Educational Outreach.
Registration must be completed and payment received prior to the first day of class.

Non-WCU Students:
Non-WCU students who wish to receive academic credit should follow the procedure below.

  1. Complete a WCU Application for Admission and pay a $65 application fee. This is a one-time fee and will not be required of a student who has recently been admitted to WCU. Please be sure to complete the entire application. Incomplete applications may cause delays. This fee is non-refundable.
  2. Register, pay application fee, and tuition online.
  3. Students must meet the WCU admission criteria as determined by the WCU Office of Admissions.
  4. Pay a fee equal to the amount of credit desired. Should the student not be eligible for admission to WCU, the course cost will be refunded.
  5. If you desire a transcript to be sent at the end of the course (after grades are posted), complete the transcript request. A signature is required.
  6. Scan the transcript request and email it to with "Landmark Course" in the subject line.

If you have questions about this process, email Educational Outreach at

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