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Rocket to Creativity Camp (for Teachers)

June 22 - 26 On Campus (9am to 4pm)
Online Module June 1-22 (Apx 20 hours)
Credit: 5.0 CEU
Cost: $149 by May 15th / $250 after May 15th
(WCU Alumni discount: $125)

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Participants will learn and apply strategies for generating curiosity in children and youth.

Participants will learn and apply strategies for engage curiosity in children and youth in curiosity.

Participants will learn and apply strategies for promoting creative and critical thinking.

Participants will learn and apply techniques for the following: creating a collaborative environment, building confidence, dealing with student anger and frustration associated with failure, asking good questions, structuring and teaching the creative process, providing authentic audiences, and making the most of a Makerspace.


Participants will have access to an online module from June 1- 22.  The module will take 20 hours to complete.  It is asynchronous and self-paced.

Participants will apply what they learn in Rocket to Creativity.  They will be immersed in Problem Based learning in a supportive environment where they can experiment with promoting inquiry, critical and creative thinking.

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