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Native Plants Conference 2023

Greetings conference vendors, past and new. Again this year there may be no one dedicated on-site for check-in other than WCU staff. Will update you if that changes. The conference is scheduled for July 19-22, 2023, with the center of activities again in the Ramsey Center—easy loading and unloading, water available, plant purchases cared for, refreshment breaks in the vendor area, etc.

Signing up for a booth (3 steps):

  1. You first need to go online and register for the conference. You must be registered to be a vendor.
  2. Next, contact Sharon Day and let her know that you would like a booth. She will contact you to discuss your status if needed, or most likely to just confirm that you have a booth. You will then be given a vendor approval number. Sharon Day |  919.623.3504  |
  3. Once you have been approved and given a Vendor Approval Number, send your information to WCU by  REGISTERING AS A VENDOR

Important Notes:

  1. Register on the web site if you can. You must be registered to exhibit or sell.
  2. The deadline for reserving space is June 30.
  3. You are responsible for taking care of the North Carolina sales tax on your own, if tax applies to your business.
  4. If you would like to decorate the stage with your plants tell me or Bobby Hensley.
  5. Please confine your plant materials to North American natives.
  6. There will be a plant holding area where purchased plants will be watered and secure.
  7. Set up times will be forwarded to you shortly.
  8. Please plan to stay until the end of the conference. If you must leave before the end, please let us know when you plan to leave and why you must. 

Plant Vendor Walk:

This year we will have the plant vendor walk and each vendor who wishes to talk about their plants will have about 5 minutes to highlight whatever points or aspects of their nursery they wish. The time allowed will be evenly divided so that each nursery representative will have a chance to speak. The vendor walk is scheduled for Thursday morning at 8:00 before all the cool plants are sold and moved to the holding area. 


We plan to continue the auction this year as our contribution to scholarships. Please be thinking of some special plants or other items that you would like to donate to the auction. Details will follow.

The local contact person is Bobby Hensley; 828.227.7397;

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to getting together once again.

Sharon Day, Exhibits Committee, Cullowhee Conference

Printable Version of Vendor Instructions

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