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The Tom Dodd, Jr. Award of Excellence

This award is presented annually at the Cullowhee Conference on Native Plants in the Landscape. When initiated in 1987, it was called the “North American Native Plantsman Award.” The first recipient was Tom Dodd, Jr. In 1988, the award committee changed the designation to the “Tom Dodd, Jr. Award of Excellence.”

The native plant movement in North America is characterized by many diverse and enthusiastic individuals and organizations, each pursuing their own native plants agenda. These diverse activities fall into the following categories:

• Conservation of native flora in situ
• Studying and promoting the understanding of our native flora
• Building expertise in the propagation/cultivation of native plants
• The use of native plants in a diversity of natural and designed landscapes

We have sought out those individuals and organizations that have excelled in one or more of these categories. The award recipients to date are:

1987 – Tom Dodd, Jr.
1988 – Lynn Lowery
1989 – Fred Galle
1990 – Lady Bird Johnson
1991 – Don Shadow
1992 – Joseph Leo Collins
1993 – National Park Service
1994 – Caroline Dorman (posthumously)
1995 – J. C. Raulston
1996 – Darrel Morrison
1997 – C. Ritchie Bell
1998 – The Nature Conservancy
1999 – Theodore G. Scott, Jr.
2000 – Aaron J. Sharp (posthumously)
2001 – Donald L. Walker, Jr.
2002 – Edward Ernst Cooper Clebsch
2003 – Dick Bir
2004 – J. Daniel Pittillo
2005 – Ken Moore
2006 -- Maxilla Evans
2007 – Margie Jenkins
2008 -- Angus Gholson
2009 – George Sanko
2010 - Emily H. Allen
2011 - 21 Founding Nurseries of the Native Plant Movement
2012 - F.M. Mooberry
2013 - Doug Tallamy
2014 - Gil Nelson
2015 - Sidney McDaniel
2016 - Larry Mellichamp
2017 - Jan Midgley
2018 - Mike Berkley and Terri Barnes
2019 - Elaine Nash

There remains a wealth of potential recipients. The award committee encourages each conference attendee to consider an outstanding candidate and to nominate that person or organization. Your nomination should include, in detail, background information and the accomplishments of the candidate. Additional letters of recommendation from other persons supporting the nomination of your candidate are indeed welcome.

The Awards Committee wishes to thank all who have participated in the recognition of, and awards bestowed upon our recipients.

Peter Loos, Committee Chair

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