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General Information for Parent and Teachers

Teachers are responsible for placing students in the correct category for their project! Teachers should also bring an envelope containing a copy of each form for each student to the registration desk.

General Rules & Regulations

In all Divisions, Elementary, Junior, Senior, and Senior Team, from one to three students may enter a project together.

Elementary: The elementary division includes grades 3-5. In this division the projects are not divided into categories. Each elementary school may submit first, second and third place winners plus three honorable mentions in this division. These may include all from one grade, or any combination for a total of 6 projects.

Junior & Senior projects: The junior division includes grades 6-8. The senior division is for grades 9-12. In the junior and senior divisions the categories include:

  • Biological Science A
  • Biological Science B
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental
  • Engineering
  • Physics & Mathematics
  • Technology

In the event that an individual high school student does not have a local fair available to enter, they may enter their project directly into the regional fair.

Team projects: A Team Project consists of two or three high school students working together on the same project. Only one Team Project from our region will advance to the State Science Fair.

Maximum number of entries per school:
Elementary school: 6 entries
Middle school: 14 entries
High school: 14 individual entries plus one team project.

Regulations about what to bring and do at the Regional. Projects that fail to meet these requirements will be disqualified!

Students are NOT to bring their experiments with them to the fair. You should take pictures of your apparatus and include them on your display or in your notebook. The only exception to this rule is in the Technology/Engineering category. No gas or running water can be supplied. Dangerous chemicals, open flame, and explosives will not be accepted in exhibits.

Experimental procedures with animals, which involve discomfort, pain or death, or diets deficient in essential nutrients, will be disqualified. No live animals or plants should be brought to the fair.

Projects must be within the following limits when set up for judging and students must provide their own display board for presentation.

  • 30 in. (76 cm) deep, front to back
  • 48 in. (122 cm) wide, side to side
  • 108 in. (274 cm) high, floor to top including the table -- table height is ~30”

Check Lists
All Divisions:

  1. ISEF Checklist for Adult Sponsor/Safety Assessment Form (1)
  2. ISEF Student Checklist and Research Plan Form (1A)
  3. ISEF Approval Form (1B)
  4. Abstract and any other required forms ( Rules Wizard)
  5. Complete application online

(Copies of all above forms are to be completed and brought to fair with participant.)


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