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2nd Annual Undergraduate Cherokee Language Symposium

The Second Annual Undergraduate Cherokee Language Symposium logo and poster representing a hybrid of nature and technology.


"Language Revitalization and New Technologies"

March 25, 26 & 27, 2018
WCU Health and Human Sciences Bldg 204
(Open to the public on March 26 only)
Registration...... $5

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The Undergraduate Cherokee Language Symposium brings together instructors, students, and community language activists from across the United States who are working to revitalize Cherokee and other indigenous languages. The symposium features three days of workshops, discussion, and cultural education activities for Undergraduate language students and instructors as well as a day-long public symposium (March 26th) of several experts working on key revitalization initiatives. Building around this year’s theme, “Language Revitalization and New Technologies,” the symposium seeks to bring together language and technology experts to discuss current work and ideas for future collaborations.

This event may be streamed live or archived for later viewing.


Monday, March 26, 2018  (location: WCU, HHS Building Room 204)

8:30-8:45          Registration with continental breakfast
8:45-9:00          Invocation and Morning Song
9:00-10:15        Session I: Derek Lackaff (Elon University)
“Grassroots interactive: Strategies for increasing digital engagement with Cherokee”
10:15-10:30      Break
10:30-11:45      Session II: Hartwell Francis (Kituwah Preservation and Education Program)
“Starting without Materials: Working with Speakers to Develop Content”
12:00-1:15        Catered Lunch
1:30-2:30           Keynote Address: Konwanénhon Marion DeLaronde (Mohawk)
“Creating a Vessel that Floats: The process of creating community led programming as part of growing a collective attitude shift towards a positive identity and normalization of Kanien’kéha language usage in Kahnawà:ke.”
2:30-3:15           Part I: TommyLee Whitlock
“Remembering Duane King and His Contributions to Digital Cherokee Language Resources”
3:15-3:30           Break
3:30-4:30           Part II: Tom Orr - “The Cherokee Dictionary Project”
4:30-4:45           Symposium Closing Performance by Matthew Tooni (EBCI)

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