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Strumming Traditional Fiddle and Folk Tunes with Carol Crocker

Carol Crocker

Carol Crocker

Dates: August 3, 10, 17, 24
Time: 7:00-8:30 PM EDT
Length: Four 90 minute sessions


Instructor: Carol Crocker

Suitable for Beginner Skill Level

About the Class 

This class will focus on reinforcing and expanding the mountain dulcimer playing skills for those of you who consider yourself beginner players. Skills that we learn will be applied in playing some well-known traditional fiddle and folk tunes, which will be the primary repertoire for this class.

We will review and reinforce some of the basics of how to play the mountain dulcimer. We will then focus on playing skills that will allow you to expand on the basics of what you have learned, and add to your repertoire for the mountain dulcimer. 

Specific topics will include:

  • Becoming familiar with, or reviewing a few basic music reading skills of note values and time signatures in relation to reading tab.
  • Right hand strumming patterns in 4/4 and 3/4 (waltz time). Practice exercises for strumming will be included.
  • Left-hand fingering techniques to help with efficiency. A few practice fingering exercises will be included.
  • Explore other tunings, DAA, DGd, and maybe DAC.
  • Put it all together… learn to play several traditional and well-known dulcimer fiddle and folk tunes.

A few other notes about this class:

  • Your Instrument: Of course, you will need your mountain dulcimer for class. It would be good if your dulcimer has a 6.5 fret. As for string set-up, I suggest using 3 strings. Some of your instruments may have a 2nd melody string, but I usually suggest removing one of them. (but don’t get rid of your string)
  • Tuning: Our primary tuning set up will be D-A-d.
  • Tuner: A smart phone tuning app will be just fine, or you may choose to purchase a tuner. You will especially need your tuner when we try out a few alternate tunings.
  • Picks: Whatever you are comfortable using. I do recommend a pick that is flexible enough for strumming and not too stiff.
  • (Noter): We may try a tune using a noter.
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