Morning Class Descriptions

Skill Sets:

  • Level I- New Player/Beginner
  • Level II- Beyond Beginner
  • Level III- Lower Intermediate
  • Level IV- Upper Intermediate
  • Level V- Beyond Intermediate

Not sure of your skill level? More information is available here.

Morning Classes for Skill Levels I-V - 8:30-11:30am 

Full class descriptions are available here.






New Player/Beginner Skills

Carol Crocker

You will be introduced to and become familiar with basic skills for a new or beginner player.


Advancing Beginner Skills

Janita Baker 

 This course is designed for players who have a little bit of experience with the dulcimer and know how to play a few songs but wish to gain more knowledge and a better foundation in playing techniques


Lower Intermediate Skills

 Jeff Furman

 You basically know how to play the mountain dulcimer, but you want to improve the quality of your playing and this class will help you make sure your basic skills and techniques are solid.


Upper Intermediate Skills

Linda Brockinton 

You will need to know basic chords, the names of notes on the dulcimer, how to retune, have an open mind and a desire to advance to the next level of playing to enroll in this class.  


Beyond Intermediate Skills 

Aaron O'Rourke 

At Level V, you’ve already been introduced to techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and three finger chords. This class will give you all the tools you need to take your dulcimer playing to the next level. More information from Aaron is available on YouTube.

 All Levels Welcome

Dulcimer Building 

 Bob Magowan

In this course, participants will build a McSpadden Sweet Song dulcimer- even if you have never done any woodworking! Bob will guide you through each step of the process and will provide all the forms, tools and materials needed to construct the dulcimer.

 III & Up

Caregiving and Comfort Using the Mountain Dulcimer 

Lorinda Jones 

In this introduction to playing in healthcare and other special settings, Lorinda will help you find your “dulcimer muse” in a way that serves others through the sharing of your music. (There are prerequisites for this class. Please see the full class descriptions here.)

 IV & V

From Player to Teacher: Year One

 Judy House

The focus of this course will be on effectively teaching the rank beginner. (There are prerequisites for this class. Please see the full class descriptions here.)

IV & V 

From Player to Teacher: Year Two 

Joe Collins 

The Year Two curriculum is limited to only those participants who have successfully completed the Year One course. The major addition to this year’s curriculum is the creation and implementation of an original lesson plan written by the Year Two candidate. (There are prerequisites for this class. Please see the full class descriptions here.)

III & Up

Dulcimer Sampler


Care and Feeding of your Dulcimer with Gary Sager; Dulcimer History with Jim Miller; Create your own Home Video with Larry Conger; Ensemble Playing with Elaine Conger; Home Audio Recording with Jim Miller

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