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Ginny Oman

Ginny Oman

Ginny Oman

Asheville, North Carolina
Afternoon Electives

Ginny began studying music at age 8 on piano, then taught herself drums and guitar at age 11.  She chose to major in music for college and obtained her undergraduate degree in music history.

Having a keen interest in psychology she went on to get her graduate degree from the Professional School of Psychology in Colorado and has been a psychotherapist for 26 yrs.  Recently in her life she added a part time career as a nationally certified personal fitness trainer.

When Multiple Sclerosis entered her life (during graduate school) her reality started to change. But never letting M.S. define who she is as a person or what she can do, she keeps true to her motto that “I might have MS, but MS doesn’t have me”. Later when the disease started affecting the use of her hands, her ability to play some instruments was diminished.  She looked towards other instruments that she could play and was fortunate enough to find the mountain dulcimer.

Ginny was a recipient of a Dulcimer U scholarship in 2014. That experience was such a positive one for her that she immediately decided to move from Arizona to North Carolina so she could always come to Dulcimer University!  She is a graduate of Dulcimer U’s  “Learning to Teach the Mountain Dulcimer” program with Joe Collins and Judy House.

Ginny enjoys sharing the gift of music, especially with people who have some challenges in their ability to play, which she will be doing during some of her afternoon electives.

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