Dan DeLancey

Dan DeLancey


Kansas City, Missouri

Dan’s early exposure to Old Time String Band music was the result of hearing other family members play various instruments and his listening to a vast collection of recordings.  He learned to play rhythm guitar from those recordings and his interest in flatpicking lead guitar was sparked when he heard Doc Watson and Dan Crary playing on Public Radio in the 1970’s.  Thirty years later Dan has gained recognition as a seasoned flatpicker known for his fluid style and original arrangements, some of which appear in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and Mel Bay Publications, Inc..

“Listening to him play, it is certainly evident that arrangement is something Dan does very well.  His arrangements are interesting, exciting, tasteful and well performed”.  Dan Miller, Editor, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Dan holds many Flatpick Guitar titles including: Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado as well as the Steve Kaufman Guitar Contest and the prestigious Rocky Mountain BG Festival Flatpicking Championship in 1998.

Dan performs regularly as a duet partner with Linda Thomas, hammered dulcimer, and with the Thomas/DeLancey Band.

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