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Christmas with Dulcimer U

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Workshops: Saturday, December 5, 2020
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Registration fee: $69.00

Christmas Concert:
7:00 pm EST (online)
Tickets: $15.00*

**** Registration is now closed ****



Workshops featuring 4 skill levels:

Lorinda Jones - Advancing Beginner (Level II)
Larry Conger - Lower Intermediate (Level III)
Irma Reeder - Upper Intermediate/Advanced (Level IV-V)
Elaine Conger - Intermediate (Level III-IV)

Course Descriptions:

Lorinda will gently guide the advanced beginner dulcimer player into feeling more confident and comfortable with their instrument. 

Christmas selections will address many tips and techniques, while simultaneously helping the player to not feel overwhelmed so they can enjoy the journey!

  • How to use the pick for strumming or single string picking
  • How to develop good foundation for fingerings
  • How to incorporate basic chords into the song melody
  • How to sing along with Christmas songs
  • How to develop a good sense of rhythm and timing
  • How to recognize basic notes and chords on the fretboard


Spend the day learning some new Christmas tunes with Larry.  Familiar and not so familiar songs will be taught. The tunes presented will not be a repeat of Larry's Christmas workshop in November.

In addition to learning these arrangements, the following will be addressed:

  • Chord-melody style as opposed to the more traditional strum & drone style
  • Economy of movement
  • Efficiency of fingering
  • Maintaining your sustain
  • Becoming familiar with some two and three finger chords

All songs will be in DAD tuning.  Be prepared with a pencil, highlighter and tuner.  All instructional materials will be provided in advance of the workshop along with audio rehearsal tracks.

What would the holidays be without music? Come travel with me as we learn new arrangements of carols from around the world!  Enjoy traditional favorites as well as more obscure holiday tunes.  We'll focus on hand efficiency, playing smoothly, and producing clear tones.  Tune in DAD, but make sure you have your capo handy.  Let's get ready to deck the halls!  

This class features parts for standard, baritone and bass dulcimers. The melody part for each tune can stand alone as a solo. Discover how each dulcimer interacts with others as you learn some nice arrangements for the holiday season. Come tuned DAD if you have a standard or bass dulcimer. Baritone parts will be tuned ADA.

Concert Information:

Gather Around and Enjoy the Sounds of the Season! Join some of your Dulcimer U favorites for a special online Christmas concert! This concert "In the Round" will feature Lorinda Jones,  Irma Reeder, and hosts Elaine & Larry Conger performing some of their favorite Christmas songs on the Mountain Dulcimer.  The concert will be hosted on Zoom, but no special software is needed to attend. The concert is included for anyone participating in the workshops taught by these same performers that same day. Tickets for the general public are available for only $15.

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