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Dulcimer Reboot

Picture of Carol Walker in grass with her dulcimers

Carol Walker

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, May 24-26
3 two hour sessions
7:00-9:00 PM EDT
Cost: $150.00

Instructor: Carol Walker


Skill Level III Lower Intermediate

About the Class:

Are you in a rut? Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? Have you lost that initial excitement you had for playing your dulcimer? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. I’ve heard these laments from so many players over the years, but especially during the Covid shutdown. You’re just flat bored with your own playing and feel like no matter what you try, you’re not making any progress. And worse, it’s not fun anymore. Time for a reboot! This three-session workshop is designed to jumpstart your enthusiasm and get you back on track again.

On Day 1 we’ll quickly review some essentials -- those “mechanics” needed for efficient right- and left-hand execution -- and then add those special touches that will have you sounding like you’ve been playing dulcimer for a very long time.

Day 2 will be all about how to practice effectively, and how to create your own warmups and exercises that will lead to mastery of any song.

And on Day 3 we’ll put it all together and build your ability to play well with others using duets, rounds, and ensemble pieces. The end result will be a packet of sparkling new additions to your repertoire to which you’ll be able to apply your new skills with renewed energy and confidence.

Level 3 - Lower Intermediate players: You should already be comfortable reading and playing tab using the three basic chords and with steady rhythm. Have your mountain dulcimer tuned to DAD, and have a capo ready.

All materials will be emailed to you as PDF attachments to download and print prior to the workshop.

About Carol:
Carol Walker’s formal training includes a degree in Music Education, with majors in piano, harp, and voice.  She retired after 32 years as an active high school choral teacher (and was the recipient of the 2003 NJ Governor’s Teacher of the Year Award), but soon found a way to combine her love of teaching with her new direction in folk music, and has become a popular workshop leader and featured performer at festivals all over the US, plus the various new virtual festivals, including QuaranTUNE; she has also launched her own series of virtual workshops.  Carol has published seven dulcimer tab books, which have established her as a favorite arranger among players of all levels.

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