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Appalachian and Celtic Ballads

Picture of Aubrey Atwater

Aubrey Atwater

Dates: Wednesdays in June, 2021 (9, 16, 23 & 30) 
Time: 2pm to 4pm EST
Online via Zoom 
Cost: $150


Instructor: Aubrey Atwater 

Intermediate Level primarily for mountain dulcimer but other instruments welcome as well.

About the Class:

Join Aubrey in an exploration of traditional American and Anglo/Celtic story songs. In addition to being a repertoire workshop, we will explore cultural history and backstories of these ancient songs, where and how they were collected, and how to interpret them for our modern ears, hearts, and minds. We'll touch on themes of societal boundaries, gender roles, forbidden love, broken tokens, women warriors, the devil, cautionary songs, and stories that end well! A variety of songs will be presented as well as archives, video clips, and a few of Aubrey's fascinating and highly researched short public radio segments.

Skills Covered: Primarily a mountain dulcimer and singing class but other instruments welcome! singing and playing; discussing best key for voice; tunings, keys and modes; chording; fingering for both hands; fingerpicking; strumming; playing with the noter; 3- vs. 4-string configurations; using the capo; song arrangement; using the dulcimer as a harmony voice; exploring archives.

Songs will include: Two Sisters, The Golden Glove, Willie of Winsbury, The Single Sailor, The Old Woman and the Pig, The Trees They Do Grow High, Omie Wise, Four Marys, The Golden Vanity, The Devil and the Farmer's Wife, Bonny James Campbell, When I Was a Fair Maid.

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