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Hammer Dulcimer Weekend Schedule


HD1 = Beginner/New Player
HD2 = Adv Bgr/ Lower Intermediate
HD3 = Upper Intermediate
HD4 = Advanced

Friday, July 27

2pm - 5pm -- check-in to Blue Ridge Hall followed by Dinner at Courtyard Dining Hall (Starting at 5pm).

7:00pm -- Opening Session in Room 102 of Blue Ridge Hall
Group welcome & orientation; meet with instructor at conclusion for brief overview of what you'll be doing in class, hand out materials, etc.; students may go ahead and set up their instruments in their class locations.

Saturday, July 28
Morning session 8:30-11:00; afternoon 1:30-4:00

Beginners/New Players (HD1) -- Jim Miller
No experience is necessary to learn to play this ancient, beautiful instrument. You will learn basic scale layout, playing technique, a few tunes and gain enough skill and information to continue to learn tunes independently. Loaner dulcimers will be available with prior notice. Beginners will stay with Jim all weekend; therefore, they will not choose electives for Sunday afternoon.

Advancing Beginner/Lower Intermediate (HD2) -- Katie Waldren
This class is for those students who have already acquired basic knowledge of the Hammered Dulcimer & its string lay-out, can navigate simple melodies comfortably & are ready to add embellishments to their music.  What we learn will be transforming & exciting. Both visual and hands-on approaches will be used to help connect the melodic, harmonic, chordal & percussive qualities of our unique instruments.  The handouts include colorful diagrams, chord charts, fun exercises & tune arrangements in large font. We will also learn how to write tunes out collectively, as a group, so that these new elements can be notated on the page & integrated into the arrangements that you play. Cell phone videos for visual tune demonstrations are fine.

Upper Intermediate/Advanced (HD3-4) -- Steve Eulberg
To Go Boldly…. This class will give us the tools to solidify our skills and expand our horizons. Focusing on rhythmic skills, hand separation, “rich” chords and ornamentation, we will create solo arrangements that exhibit our comfort all over the dulcimer and express the music that is within us.  We will include some unusual tunes from around the world.

7:00pm - Saturday evening concert at with all 3 instructors on the 4th floor Bridge of Blue Ridge Hall.

Sunday, July 29 -- Morning Session

8:30am - 11:00am - Continuation of Saturday classes until 11am. Students remain with their Saturday instructor

Afternoon Electives (Except for Beginners who Stay with Jim Miller)

Jams are for Learning Tunes (Steve Eulberg; HD2)
  Learning traditional tunes by eye and ear.  I will share the tricks and tips to learning and picking up tunes on the fly that have helped me acquire tunes from my buddy Vi Wickam (Fiddle Whamdiddle), and from jam sessions everywhere I go.  Please bring the tips that you’ve learned too!

Transforming Traditional Tunes (Katie Waldren; HD 3-4) One way to transform a traditional tune & "make it your own" is to define its sections & re-arrange them. Another way is to add your own creative elements & find a likely place within the tune to apply them. The final step is to connect them all together into a finished arrangement & memorize it. In closing we'll discuss helpful ways that a tune can be memorized.

Colorado Hopscotch (Steve Eulberg; HD2)
 When I moved to Colorado in 1997, I was delighted to learn about this dulcimer tradition which had been unknown to me.  Using this tune by Glenn Pope, we explore and celebrate the Colorado Dutch Hop Dulcimer tradition of the Volga Deutsch or “Germans from Russia” that is unique to Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas.

Jig Tunes (Katie Waldren; HD3-4)  The Jig is an ingenious-lively dance tune worth experiencing. Become familiar with the rhythmic techniques that are unique to the jig's time signature, including both even & syncopated accents, press rolls & splashes.  We can make ourselves feel even more lively by joining the melody with it's 2nd HD duet part. And if there's time, we can even try another lively, fun duet jig.

7:00pm - Until? -- Sunday Evening sharing session and jam -- 7:00- until?  4th floor Bridge

Monday, July 30 -- breakfast and check-out

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