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Kids Corner

Step Back in Time Summer Camp

August 1-4, 2023

Designed for ages 9-11

Sponsored by the Mountain Heritage Center, WCU


Learn about the culture of western NC through games, crafts, activities, and field trips to local farm and historic sites.

Girl at summer camp with corn hushs



Summer Camp Packets from June and July 2020

Introduction to the packets

Notes for Week 3

Notes for Week 4, Rag Rug Weaving

Notes for Week 5, Quilt Pillow

2020 summer camp was cancelled but we offered a series of Camp Packets with activities, crafts, instructions, and video links for families with elementary-aged children. Instructions for the packets are available here and include:

  • make a quilt pillow
  • start a camp fire
  • build a shelter
  • weave a mug mat
  • make simple pottery vessels

Notes for Week 6, Candles, Fire Starting

Themes, activities, and instructions are available for download:


Here are some activities you can try at home! Click on the title of the toy or activity to download a pdf of the instructions.


Foxfire 6 has many traditional toys and games. Here's one we've enjoyed making and playing with for many years.

Ball in Cup materials


Ball in Cup


Corn Shuck doll



Credit to the High Point Museum and the late Annie Lee Bryson of Cullowhee, NC for their assistance putting this sheet together.


Thanks to Susan Leveille for her assistance in working on this craft.

mug mat materials


mug mat



Bark baskets were made in the spring from the bark of Poplar trees. They were used by settlers to carry berries, kindling, and other small items. Make a replica bark basket out of cardboard.

bark basket in progress

Cardboard Bark Basket in progress.

finished bark basket

Thanks to Cagney Guest (MA 2015) and Sophie Potts (History, 2019).


Year-Round Fun at Mountain Heritage Center

Kids making cornshuck dolls at MHC


We have lots of fun learning activities going on through the year. Visit our calendar for event dates or contact us for more information.

Check out our hands-on activities in the MHC Gallery at Hunter Library.

Our theme currently is Wood:
Build a log cabin, solve a wooden puzzle, learn about different types of wood, and try to connect various types of joints.

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