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Catamount Legacy Walk

Leave Your Mark on the Catamount Legacy Walk

Leave your legacy by purchasing a brick on the Catamount Legacy Walk! Located by the Alumni Tower, the walk features bricks engraved with a name or personal message that honors members of the Western Carolina University family.

  • Celebrate a special occasion such as a birth, anniversary or graduation
  • Recognize a graduate, student, professor, or friend
  • Celebrate a graduate's educational or athletic success as a Catamount

Funds raised by the Catamount Legacy Walk support the Student Emergency Fund. Donors receive a commemorative certificate for each brick commissioned.

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Honor Your Time as a Catamount

Graduate at the Legacy Walk

Jeremy Sasser |

The Catamount Legacy Walk celebrates Western Carolina University and commemorates your commencement, service, reunion and other Catamount milestones by alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends. Funds raised by the Catamount Legacy Walk support the Student Emergency Fund.

Since 2010, brick pavers have been placed in honor of graduating seniors, retiring faculty and staff, clubs and organizations and to honor those Catamounts who are no longer with us. Each donation is recognized by a custom brick paver placed in the Catamount Legacy Walk by the Alumni Tower. Donors receive a commemorative certificate for each brick paver commissioned.

Those honoring someone else with their donation may choose to give the certificate as recognition of their gift.

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Student Emergency Funding

The Student Emergency Fund provides support for students in immediate financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, or other critical incident.

The expense must be unexpected, unforeseen, and of an urgent nature. Applicants must be currently enrolled students, undergraduate or graduate students, and taking at least one credit hour in the current semester. All applicants must provide detailed documentation of need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your personalized brick paver will be displayed on the brick walkway surrounding the Alumni Tower.

Bricks are traditional 4" x 8" brick pavers engraved with your selected text. Cornerstone font at 1/2" are used for maximum readability and durability. The text on each brick must be a self-contained display and may not span multiple bricks.

Yes, your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Brick pavers are laid twice each year.  Donors are notified via email when their brick pavers are laid.

You may donate via credit card, debit card, check, money order, or if you are a WCU employee you may donate via payroll deduction.

You will be sent a diagram of the Catamount Legacy Walk with the location of your brick paver with your donation confirmation.

If you order multiple brick pavers at a time, you can request that they are placed next to each other.  While we do our best to accommodate requests, we cannot place more recently order brick pavers next to brick pavers that have already been placed. The text on each brick must be a self-contained display and may not span multiple bricks.

Each brick paver is $250 and contains two lines of engraved text.

No, we want to ensure that the Catamount Legacy Walk has a common look and feel.

Our online payment system confirms orders at the time of the transaction.  If you are paying by check or cash you will receive an additional confirmation with your receipt. 

WCU is responsible for the maintenance of the Catamount Legacy Walk and will replace any brick pavers that become damaged.

If you are purchasing a legacy walk brick as a gift, please put your contact info on the purchase form in case we need to contact you about the order.

Please note that the name of the honored person will not be on the brick unless you put it in line 1 or line 2 on the purchase form.

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