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Outright Gifts

In addition to endowments and annual gifts, WCU is happy to accept outright gifts of cash, stocks and securities, property or real estate. These gifts can go to support an university initiative of your preference or can be contributed toward the university's areas of high, urgent need. Most often, unspecified gifts to the WCU Foundation help us fund scholarships for high-performing students in need.

Outright gifts may be made through our secure online giving site using your American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. You may also mail your gift to:

Western Carolina University
One University Drive
201 H.F. Robinson Administration Building
Cullowhee, NC 28723

If you itemize deductions on your federal income tax form, your outright gift is, in most cases, tax deductible. Most donors are entitled to a federal income tax deduction of up to 50% of their adjusted gross income, and may carry-over any excess deductions for up to 5 additional years.

For more information on IRS regulations regarding the deductibility of outright gifts consult your financial advisor or IRS Publication 526.

Increasing numbers of alumni, parents, and friends of Western are donating securities (shares of stock) to the University. By giving appreciated securities, donors often find that they can make a larger contribution than they could by giving cash.

A gift of securities may offer a number of tax advantages to the donor. Please consult your tax or financial advisor for further details.

There are three ways you can make a gift of securities to Western Carolina University:

1. Send the unendorsed stock certificate to:
Western Carolina University
One University Drive
201 H.F. Robinson Building
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Please also include:

  • Under separate cover a signed/medallion guaranteed stock power (Medallion Guarantee is NOT but it is similar to a notary – used in validating signatures for transactions between financial institutions & can be acquired at your bank or brokerage firm).
  • Letter of authorization stating the number of shares, name of stock and the allocation for proceeds of sale – also medallion guaranteed.

2. Instruct your Financial Advisor to transfer the securities from your brokerage account to Western Carolina University's account at:
Morgan Stanley
DTC Number 0015
Account Number 767-060407

  • Morgan Stanley Contact Person: Pam Dennis 866.403.6382

3. If your stock is held at a Transfer Agent, please contact our office at 828.227.7124 to acquire the information necessary to complete your form.

Important: Please also notify WCU's Division of Advancement of the transfer, by emailing or calling 828.227.7124 to insure proper gift crediting.

The value of a gift of securities is established using the mean of the high and low stock quotations on the day the securities pass to Western's control. For information on making gifts of closely held stock (A company whose common shares are owned by one individual owner or by a small group of controlling stockholders), life insurance, or other property, contact the Division of Advancement at 828.227.7124.

Most real estate has appreciated faster than the rate of inflation and offers great potential in charitable gift planning. We would be happy to explore with you a gift of a home, vacation property, condominium, undeveloped land, or other real estate. For more information, contact the Division of Advancement at 828.227.7124.

Gifts of other types of appreciated property can also offer significant tax advantages to the donor while benefiting Western's programs. Please contact the Division of Advancement if you are interested in making a gift of personal property, such as art or rare books, or of closely-held stock. While Western is grateful for every donor's charitable intentions, some types of gifts require prior approval and legal forms of acceptance.

The tax laws governing deductions for gifts of appreciated real property can be complex. For more information consult your financial advisor or see IRS Publication 561.

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