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Nancy Liddle, an I Love WCU Story

As the executive assistant in Western Carolina University’s College of Business, Nancy Liddle sees firsthand the direct impact scholarships make on students. This alone motivates her to be the generous donor that she is. Liddle encourages her fellow staff and faculty to join her and give back during I Love WCU month. “It feels good to give back, and I think it’s important to support the organization you work for,” Liddle said.

Nancy Liddle and her husband Matt Liddle


For Nancy and her husband, Matt Liddle, a current faculty member in the David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts, education has always been an important part of their lives. Prior to working at WCU, she taught kindergarten for many years. Liddle has been a staff member with the College of Business since 2014. She said she fits in well, referring to WCU as home.

I Love WCU month celebrates and supports the place that is loved by many. “Driving through Catamount Gap and seeing the campus is exhilarating. This place is like no other.” said Liddle. “I’m so impressed with the quality of our faculty and how caring they are. Students aren’t just a number here.”

In addition to her executive assistant responsibilities, Liddle is the liaison for the College of Business ambassador program, which utilizes outstanding business students to promote the college. Having the opportunity to work with students has allowed her to see what an impact our donors have on the students and WCU’s programming. Liddle consistently hears about the personal experiences that WCU students have and is reassured that every contribution counts.

In Liddle’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, reading, gardening and tackling home projects with her husband. Although the pandemic has caused life to be different, Liddle keeps positive by staying in touch with family, exercising and fantasizing about her next vacation.

I Love WCU Month and the Shetland Society

Shetland Society


Recognizing WCU Faculty and Staff donors at all levels, the Shetland Society celebrates the employees who work hard for WCU and the University’s role to support our student body and the greater community.

You can join Nancy Liddle and other faculty and staff donors in the 2020-2021 Shetland Society by visiting

We hope you'll join us for the Faculty and Staff breakfast drive-through as a part of I Love WCU Month on Wednesday, February 24 from 8am – 10:30am in the Big Cat Lot.

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