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WCU Foundation Board of Directors

Hoyt Almond

Hoyt Almond '69

Mary Arbaugh

Mary Arbaugh '79

Doug Bailey

Doug Bailey '93

Ed Broadwell

Ed Broadwell

Mike Crawford

Mike Crawford '87

Chair, Advancement Committee

John Davis

John E. Davis '87

Terry Fortner

Terry Fortner '77

Dennis Fox

Dennis Fox '71

Chair, Foundation Board

Chad Greene

Chad Greene '96

Connie Haire

Connie Haire '84


Lisa Hill

Hoyt Almond

Steve Hodge '76

Ed Holland

Mr. Ed Holland '75

John Martin

John S. Martin '90

Chair, Finance & Audit Committee

Ken Martin

Ken Martin '80

Bruce Moore

Bruce Moore '82

Larry Naylor

Larry D. Naylor '86

Robin Pate

Robin P. Pate '97

Chair, Board Development Committee

Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson '05, MA '10

Chair, Support Organization Oversight Committee

Debbie Sims

Debbie Sims

Ron Sink

Ron Sink '79

Judy Stroud

Judy Stroud '76, '81


Gayle Watkins

Randy White

Randy White '89

Charles Worley

Charles Worley


Ex-Officio Members

The ex-officio members of the Foundation Board are the Chancellor of the Western Carolina University, who shall serve ex-officio with vote and hold the office of the President.

The Chair of the University's Board of Trustees, who shall serve ex-officio with vote. The Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Alumni Engagement, who shall serve ex-officio without vote and hold the office of Executive Secretary, and the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, who shall serve ex-officio without vote and hold the office of Treasurer.

Chancellor Brown

Dr. Kelli R. Brown


Jamie Raynor

Mrs. Jamie Raynor

Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Mike Byers

Mr. Michael T. Byers

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Kathryn Greeley

Kathryn Greeley '73

Chair of the Board of Trustees

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