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Current Students and Alumni

Current Student Services

The Cherokee Center assists current students with the following services:

  • Application completion
  • Class registration
  • Transcript requests
  • Financial aid guidance
  • Tutoring recommendations
  • Academic advising
  • Internships
  • Job shadowing

Digali'i Native American Student Organization

WCU's Native American Student Organization


The Native American Student Organization at WCU has been active in creating social events and activities for the native population throughout the school year. They also plan and implement events for students and faculty to enjoy in raising awareness about the existence of Native Americans. Digali'i was established in 2007 as an official student organization.

In 2009, the organization was able to reserve a 20 person house in the Village area on campus and named the home Judaculla. The student org is now a thriving and includes over seven tribal affiliates within our student population.

For more information please visit the WCU Native American Student Organization Facebook page.

Native Student Organization Officers



Shana Lambert (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)

brittney driver


Brittney Driver (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)



Tierra Martinez (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)



Ashley Oxendine (Lumbee Tribe)

EBCI Alumni Western Club



The Cherokee Center has established the EBCI Alumni Western Club in response to the outpouring support for our Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians alumni and families.

The tribe has graduated hundreds of EBCI students from Western Carolina University and it is very important that the center keep them engaged with current happenings at WCU.

Join the WCU EBCI Alumni Group on Facebook. You can also give back by donating to the Cherokee Center Foundation Fund in support of our alumni efforts for the future.

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