Facility Rental

Biltmore Park

WCU at Biltmore Park serves as a convenient location for area business meetings and events. While our academic courses take priority, our high-tech classrooms and meeting facilities are available for rent at a low cost to businesses and associations in the area.

The WCU at Biltmore Park administrative office in BP 102 is responsible for scheduling and coordinating usage of all space at the Biltmore Park location. Our classroom and conference room space is reserved on a varied fee schedule based on size and configuration. Our staff works closely with faculty and visitors to determine their facility and event needs. We are committed to a high level of excellence in customer service.

Events may be scheduled at Biltmore Park during the following times:

Mondays-Thursdays 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
Fridays and University Breaks 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

To reserve a room, please contact Suzan Melvin at the Biltmore Park office: 828-654-6498, samelvin@wcu.edu.

Available Rental Space:

Please use the following information to determine which room you would like to select, if available. Academic classes have scheduling priority.

Room Specialty Seating Capacity 1-4 hours 5-8 hours
BP 330 Conference Room 10 $50 $100
BP 335 Classroom 24 $50 $100
BP 336 Classroom 24 $50 $100
BP 337 Classroom 24 $50 $100
BP 338 Classroom 40 $50 $100
BP 339 Classroom 20 $50 $100
BP 342 Power & Internet access 40 $50 $100
BP 343 Classroom 24 $50 $100
BP 344 Conference Room 14 $100 $200
BP 345 Classroom 32 $50 $100
BP 346 Multipurpose 70 $100 $200

Additional charge - $20 per hour for additional room needed for refreshments or special set-up.

*Non-profits (with 501c3) and government agencies will receive a 50% discount for "no charge" events, only.

Room Set-up:

All classrooms are equipped with:

Podium with computer
LCD projector
Blu-Ray player
Document camera
Laptop hook-up for PC (MAC laptops require adapters)

All classrooms have movable tables and chairs (exception - Room 342). Biltmore Park does not have room set-up or re-set service available. You are welcome to rearrange the classroom tables and chairs, but all furniture MUST be returned to its original configuration before leaving the facility. No scotch tape, staples, masking tape, thumbtacks or push pins are to be attached to the walls, desks, cabinets or doors. It is preferred that you use charts on easels or large self-adhesive Post-It charts on the white boards.

Reservation Agreement and Billing:

Confirmation of space and an invoice will be sent to you by email. Community groups will receive the Western Carolina University Space-Use Agreement that will need to be completed, signed and returned with payment. Payment is due prior to the event.

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