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Certificate Programs

In addition to graduate and undergraduate degrees, WCU offers three certificate programs at its Biltmore Park location. Each includes courses taught by highly-experienced faculty with specialized experience but require fewer credit hours and cost less than a full degree.

Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Master's Certificate

For nurses who already hold a Master of Science in Nursing but who want to pursue FNP certification, WCU offers a Post-Master's Certificate program in the field. The program requires 43 rather than 52 hours of coursework and does not require the clinical hours required by the degree program. LEARN MORE 

Certificate in Professional and Technical Writing

WCU's Certificate in Professional and Technical Writing is designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degree in any field and who are looking to further develop their writing skills in order to progress in their careers. The 15-hour program prepares students to excel in writing across disciplines and introduces them to the use of new media in business communication.  LEARN MORE 

Substance Abuse Studies Certificate

WCU's 12-credit-hour certificate in Substance Abuse Studies is intended for those with baccalaureate degrees in social work or counseling to meet the high need for substance abuse specialists in Western North Carolina. The program prepares students to meet the educational requirements for the Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) credential administered by the NC Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board.  LEARN MORE 

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