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Natalie Broom

Natalie Broom, 2018-2019 Staff Senate Chair

Greetings from 2018-2019 Staff Senate Chair, Natalie Broom

I first want to thank our Past-Chair, Mandy Dockendorf, for her leadership and dedicated service to Staff Senate this past year. I look forward to continuing to build the Senate’s vision and mission and being an advocate for Staff. As the new Chair for Staff Senate, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and outline some of our goals and initiatives for this upcoming year. I am a proud first-generation college student and alumni of Western Carolina University. Working in higher education has inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Affairs. By doing so, I hope that I can inspire others to pursue their dreams and successfully achieve their goals. I currently serve as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Information Officer in the Division of Information Technology. Prior to this role, I worked in the Office of the Provost for nine years. 

As this year begins, we share excitement because this is a natural time to think about new endeavors and enjoy the thrill of new beginnings. Staff Senate has identified five initiatives aimed at strengthening leadership and support opportunities across campus, while empowering staff to contribute to the building of their own future communities. The five initiatives are aligned with the revised 2020 Strategic Plan  and focus on the following areas: fundraising and endowment; staff professional development; diversity and inclusion; wellness; and community service. While I am excited about all of our initiatives, I want to focus additional attention on fundraising and endowment, specifically, growing our endowment to $100,000, which will achieve sustainable funding our student scholarship. Through various fundraising efforts last year we were able raise $19,730.52, growing the endowment to $91,047.46. We only need $8,952.54 to achieve our goal of sustainable funding! 

It is my personal goal to lead an open and inclusive Staff Senate administration.  I want to welcome you to share your thoughts, opinions and concerns. Staff Senate is a representative body which welcomes input and collaboration. If you have any concern or issue on your mind, I will make myself available to hear your thoughts. You can also reach out to your elected Staff Senate representatives who may be easier for you to contact, either physically or organizationally. Each of you are welcome to attend any of our Staff Senate monthly meetings to hear what we’re working on and an opportunity to have your voice be heard. Our regular meetings are on the second Wednesday of every month at 8:30am in the UC Multipurpose room. Again, thank you for the privilege to represent staff this year! 

I have been fortunate to be part of the WCU Staff Senate and get to witness firsthand the tireless work, creativity and loyalty to the Catamount spirit of service. It has been inspirational and will empower me to serve as the Staff Senate Chair for this year. I am honored and privileged to serve the University and our staff in this capacity.



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