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University Policy 34

Leave Policy for EHRA Non-Faculty Staff Members

Formerly Executive Memorandum 86-79
Initially approved August 20, 1986
Revised June 1, 1999
Technical Changes March 13 2017
Administering Office: Human Resources

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the way in which the existing University leave policy for EHRA employees is interpreted.

The "Employment Policies for University Employees Exempt from the State Human Resources Act" sets forth a schedule for determining the amount of annual paid leave earned by those EHRA staff members who hold 12-month appointments and are made subject to the schedule. The amount of annual paid leave earned is determined in accordance with a sliding scale organized in response to an employee's "years of aggregate service" in State employment. In the past, the term "years of aggregate service" was defined to include only those years during which the employee held a 12-month appointment. Effective July 1, 1986, the term "years of aggregate service" for purposes of determining leave entitlement is defined to include any year in which the employee was employed full-time by the State of North Carolina including, but not limited to, any year employed in a faculty position, an SHRA position, and any EHRA position. Employment as a full-time faculty or staff member on a 9-month contract over the normal academic year, excluding summer school, shall count as one year of aggregate service for purposes of determining the annual leave entitlement of an individual upon appointment to a 12-month position. Employment during summer school shall not count toward aggregate service for purposes of the annual leave schedule.

This policy interpretation applies to all new and current employees. With regard to current employees, this interpretation does not apply retroactively; i.e., it does not change the amount of annual leave any current employee earned or was entitled to prior to the effective date set out in the preceding paragraph. It changes only the amount of leave a current employee is entitled to following the effective date.

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