University Policy 33

Leave for Firefighting Activities

Formerly Executive Memorandum 86-77
Initially approved April 1, 1986
Revised January 22, 2001
Administering Office: Human Resources

It is the policy of Western Carolina University to grant leave with pay to employees for time spent in firefighting activities with volunteer fire departments.

The activities covered by the policy are ones involving imminent danger to life or property within a specified area around the University. Administrative, training, and other duties that can be scheduled for non-working hours are not covered. The area covered is that within a maximum distance of thirty (30) miles from the University and is described in mutual aid agreements between volunteer fire departments and governing bodies in Jackson, Haywood, Macon, and Swain Counties. Typically, University employees who are volunteer firefighters will be responding to fire calls in a fire district that covers approximately four (4) to five (5) miles.

An employee who intends to request leave with pay for firefighting activities must submit to his/her supervisor a statement attesting to membership in an eligible volunteer fire department.

An employee who abuses this policy may be denied future coverage by it. The University reserves the right to deny time off for firefighting duties when job-related duties demand that the employee remain at the work place. This policy should not be construed to permit compensatory time off during normal working hours for time spent in firefighting activities during non-working hours.

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