University Policy 13

Key and Lock Service

Formerly Executive Memorandum 77-29
Initially approved April 5, 1977
Revised: November 13, 2003
Administering office: Facilities Management

The University's Facilities Management Department is responsible for providing all key and lock maintenance and services for all University facilities. Departments occupying University buildings are responsible for the issuance and control of keys provided for their use.

The following policies and procedures apply to the issuance, control, and duplication of keys and the maintenance and replacement of door locks.


The integrity of any secure locking system is directly related to the degree of control exercised over the issuance and control of keys. Widespread and indiscriminate use of master keys poses the greatest potential threat to such systems. The policy outlined below will govern the issuance and control of master keys.

1. Building Masters
These keys will be issued only to building coordinators designated by the Chancellor, Facilities Management maintenance supervisors, housekeepers assigned to clean the building, and the University Police Department.

2. Wing or Floor Masters
Where separate wing or floor master key locking is available, these submasters may be issued to Department Heads only. The appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor must approve requests for such keys.

3. Personnel authorized to possess master keys must personally sign for such keys in the Facilities Management Customer Service office where the master key control list is maintained.


Upon acceptance of a new building, the re-keying of an existing building, or reallocation of space to a department, Facilities Management will make a one-time issue of individual door keys based on the key requirements identified by the occupying Department Heads. This initial issuance of keys will be made to the Department Heads who will assume responsibility for future control of the keys.

Additional keys which may be required after the initial issuance must be requested on a work request form. Departments will be charged a standard cost for each key requested. The standard cost will be based on the average costs of key blanks, locksmith labor, and a minimum handling charge.

Under no circumstance will departments or individuals reproduce or duplicate keys for University locks from commercial sources.

Upon the reallocation of building space, it shall be the outgoing department's responsibility to account for and transfer all keys to Facilities Management.


All lock changes, for reasons other than mechanical failure, must be requested on a work request form. Departments will be charged for the actual cost of changing the lock plus the standard charge for each new key, including a new Facilities Management master file key.

Defective, inoperable, or broken locks will be repaired or replaced by Facilities Management without charge to the occupying activity. When such locks are replaced, they will be set up for operation on the existing key.


Pad locks will not be used on any exterior or interior building door. Departments may use pad locks only on storage cabinets, personal equipment lockers, and other departmental equipment items or storage room doors designed for pad lock use. Pad locks for departmental use will be purchased from departmental funds.

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