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University Policy 102

University Center BYOB Alcohol Service

Approved by Executive Council: May 17, 2010; June 30, 2008
Approved by Board of Trustees: June 4, 2010; July 14, 2008
Posted: June 17, 2010
Policy Topic: Governance & Administration
Administering Office: Student Affairs


This policy governs only those events held at University Center managed facilities at which persons of legal age may bring alcoholic beverages to the event. Such events will be called “BYOB events”. University Center BYOB events may be scheduled in the University Center and Brown Hall. This policy is referenced in and subordinate to the WCU General Campus Policy for Alcoholic Beverages (University Policy 81).


The rationale behind the development of a BYOB policy for University Center managed facilities is:

1. To provide for responsible and legal consumption of alcoholic beverages that accompanies participation in an on-campus social or entertainment event.
2. To respond to feedback from students that an absence of licensed establishments near to campus adversely affect the quality of student life.
3. To reinforce commitment to responsible drinking by students of legal age who choose to consume alcohol.
4. To provide a model for how to implement a responsible social event at which alcoholic beverages are present and to assist in positively changing the campus “social norm”.
5. To reduce the incidence of students driving after consuming alcoholic beverages.
6. To empower our students to develop, implement, and monitor a successful program to serve the social needs of our students.


Western Carolina University prohibits and does not condone the illegal, irresponsible or abusive uses of alcoholic beverages. The University will enforce federal, state, and local laws, as well as University policies.

A. Amounts and Types of Alcoholic Beverages

The amount of alcoholic beverages a person may bring to a BYOB event is four 12 oz. containers of beer or malt beverage, or one 40 oz. container of beer, or four 12 oz. containers of wine cooler. This amount has been determined as a result of current research related to college student drinking and common standards of practice. Any beverage with an alcohol content of greater than 8% (high gravity beers, etc.) is prohibited.

B. Nonalcoholic Beverages and Food

Soft Drinks and/or other nonalcoholic beverages must be available and featured in the same location and be provided as promptly as the alcoholic beverages during the entire time alcoholic beverages are available. When alcoholic beverages are served, an appropriate amount of food must be prominently displayed and available during the entire event. The presence of food and nonalcoholic beverages will be in compliance with any appropriate provisions of the current University contract with a food service vendor.

C. Dispensing Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

All beverages at BYOB events must be dispensed by approved persons called "servers" that are trained by a RASP certified trainer and are at least 18 years of age. The servers are employees of the University Center unless otherwise approved by the Director of the University Center.

D. Event Promotion

Promotional materials must mention that the event is "BYOB" and must mention the maximum amounts and types of alcoholic beverages allowed. However, events must not have the mere consumption of alcoholic beverages as their central theme. Events may not be cosponsored with alcoholic beverage companies. Advertising materials must comply with University Policy 39 regarding on campus sales and solicitations.

E. Security

Normally, Police presence will be required at BYOB functions unless both the Director of the University Center and the Director of University Police approve an exception. Upon registration of a BYOB event by an organization, the Director of the University Center is responsible for notifying the Director of Police of the date, times, sponsoring organization and other event details necessary in determining appropriate police presence. The Director of the University Center will then make an initial recommendation regarding the necessary number of police personnel for a particular event. The Director of Police will either approve the recommendation or engage in discussion with the Director of the University Center until an agreement is reached. If the presence of police officers is required, the sponsoring organization will be responsible for the cost. The Director of the University Center may deny registration of any BYOB event if an organization fails to comply with a security requirement.

F. Policy Compliance

The organization sponsoring a BYOB event is responsible for policy compliance and is expected to have certain members designated to monitor compliance at the event as determined by the Director of the University Center or his/her designee. Failure to comply with all elements of this policy and procedure may result in the loss of the privilege to sponsor a BYOB event.

Specifically, the sponsoring organization is responsible for:

• Appropriately registering the event according to this policy.
• Ensuring compliance with all of the elements of this policy, other related polices, and procedures.
• Ensuring that only individuals of legal age serve, possess, or consume alcohol and that intoxicated individuals are not served.
• Preventing any damage that could occur in a room or other areas as a result of the BYOB event.
• Assisting with cleaning the facility after the event
• Controlling the size of the event and ensuring that attendance does not exceed maximum safety occupancy.
• Complying with all elements of the facility use agreement and any directives received from UC and/or law enforcement officials.
• Providing a minimum of one monitor (a designated individual who will not be consuming alcohol) per 10 people (including members and guests) at the event.

Any noncompliance with the above may result in charges of violation of the Code of Student Conduct for any and all student organizations involved.

G. BYOB Event Registration

Only University organizations may register for and sponsor a BYOB event. For the purpose of this policy, the term "University organizations" includes registered student organizations, university departments or offices, or any other unit of Western Carolina University. Events must be registered at the University Center Administrative Offices and must be approved by the University Center Director or his designee.


Specific procedures for BYOB events are available at the University Center Administrative Offices and include detailed information about beverage check-in, registration of guests, server responsibilities, event staffing and other information.

All students should be aware of the alcoholic beverage laws of North Carolina, which are available in Hunter Library.

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