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Submit Information for Student Awards

WCU's Office of Communications and Public Relations can send news releases about student honors and research presentations to the students' hometown/local newspapers for potential publication. Before we can do that for you, we need for you to send us some information via the online form indicated below.

Please note: This online form is designed for use by students who have been recognized with awards, scholarships and other honors during one of the spring awards ceremonies sponsored by a WCU college, and it also is for use by students who participated in the Research and Scholarship Celebration (Undergraduate Expo and Graduate Research Symposium).

If the honor you have received does not fit into one of the categories listed above, please submit information on this web page.

Students who wish to have a photo (head shot) taken to accompany their news release should contact Mark Haskett at 828-227-3081 or Ashley Evans at 828-227-3199.

Student Biographical Information
Home/Permanent Address
You may be contacted for confirmation of information.
Family and Hometown Information
Full Names of Parents
Information About Student Activity
Please complete the information for each activity in which you participated.
Did you receive a College/School Award?
Did you participate in the undergraduate presentations?
Did you participate in the graduate presentations?
Please send your information to us. By submitting this form, you certify that all of the information on this form is true and complete to the best of your knowledge and that you are the individual named above.
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