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Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) Technical Advisory Committee

Membership 2011-2012

Kathleen M. Brennan, Chair

Robert Crow, Inhyuck "Steve" Ha, Bruce Henderson, Alison Joseph, David McCord, and Melissa Wargo

The Faculty Affairs Council (FAC), as the managing body for SAI policies and procedures, has domain over the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and, as such, determines the committee's structure, membership, and associated terms of service. TAC members are selected based on their knowledge of psychometrics, assessment, and survey development.


The charge of the TAC is to serve in an advisory capacity to the FAC with regard to all proposed adjustments to the SAI instrument; proposed procedural alterations, such as changing the CoursEval closing date, should be directed to the FAC. As an advisory committee, the TAC does not make decisions about changes to the instrument, but rather makes recommendations to the FAC based on the proposals submitted. Proposed changes to the SAI that represent any objectives other than assessment of the instructor and his/her teaching, including program evaluation, will not be considered. The objective of the committee is to preserve the integrity of the instrument and the confidentiality of the faculty member being assessed. The committee will be inherently conservative in making recommendations to the FAC concerning changes to the SAI.

Proposed changes to the SAI may include corrections and/or the addition of items to the general SAI or an individual course SAI. Proposals may be submitted by an individual faculty member or a department. If submitted by a faculty member, the proposal must reflect that the faculty member has consulted with the department head and received department head approval.

The TAC will consider the appropriateness of the proposed change, including content and validity, and provide feedback to the sponsoring party regarding the validity and appropriateness of the proposed changes to the instrument. Based on this recommendation, the sponsoring party may (1) remove the proposal from consideration, (2) forward the unedited, original proposal, along with TAC recommendation, to the chair of the FAC, or (3) forward the edited proposal, along with TAC recommendation, to the chair of the FAC. At the request of the sponsoring party, a meeting with the committee may be arranged if feasible.

The TAC will meet twice per semester in accordance with the Faculty Senate meeting schedule. To allow adequate time for senate approval and implementation prior to the release of the specified term of implementation on the SAI, proposals must be submitted directly to the TAC (via the Chair) no later than the date specified below in order to be reviewed at the subsequent faculty senate meeting:

  • September 5, 2011
  • Novemer 7, 2011
  • January 30, 2012
  • April 2, 2012

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