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Faculty Senate Actions

2022-23 Faculty Senate Routing Forms


2021-22 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

Resolution Adopting Proposed Student Course Survey
Resolution to Continue SharePoint Use for the TPR Process
Resolution to Create a WCU Comprehensive Climate Action Plan
Resolution to Create a Standing Committee to Oversee the Faculty Senate Student Support Fund
Resolution to Create a Course Feedback Survey Task Force
Resolution to Limit the Number of Minors to Two Per Major Program
Resolution in Recognition of Coulter Faculty Commons Collaboration with Faculty Senate
Resolution Establishing a Residency Requirement for Minor Programs
Resolution Supporting a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

2020-21 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

Resolution to Revise the UNC System Chancellor Search Process
Resolution to Add a COVID Impact Statement in TPR and AFE Processes
Resolution to Revise Faculty Handbook Language in Section 4.09 (NTTP)
Resolution on the Addition of Current Curriculum Vitae to 1st, 3rd, and 5th year Reappointment Applications
Resolution on the Continuation of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Guidelines for Spring 2021
Resolution on the Continuation of Optional Pause in Tenure Clock for Tenure-track Faculty through 2022
Resolution on Continuation of Vitual Meeting & Electronic Document Guidelines 2021-22
Resolution on S/U Grading for Fall 2020
Faculty & Staff Senates Joint Resolution Endorsing Guiding Principles for University Budget Decision Making
Modified Use of SAI Data for 2020-21
CRC Endorsement of Virtual Meeting & Electronic Document Guidelines 2020-21 
Resolution Supporting Black Students, Colleagues and Community
Resolution on Adoption of Canvas
Resolution Oposing Residential Opening Fall 2020

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