Faculty Senate Actions

Faculty Senate Routing Forms are also recorded on the Faculty Senate Sharepoint site under the Shared Documents Library.

Items are updated on this page semesterly. For information on items in the current semester please visit the Sharepoint Site or contact Suzanne Melton, Office of the Provost ( scmelton@wcu.edu).

2018-19 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) Task Force

2017-18 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

Resolution to embed Inclusive Excellence in the curriculum
Resolution in Support of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at WCU
Resolution to Establish University Research/Scholarship Council
NTTF Task Force Recommendations
Resolution for 8th Week Grade Reporting
Resolution to Create an Undergraduate Needs-Based Scholarship
DACA Resolution
Resolution to Create a Travel Fund for Fixed-Term Faculty
Response to SGA Resolution re:Cheating
Resolution to Create a Faculty Senate Student Support Fund 
Calculation of GPA for Undergraduate Honors Recognition
Resolution to Endorse the Work and Recommendations of the Joint Task Force on Racism

2016-17 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

Task Force on Strategic Priorities 

Changes to NonDegree Graduate Admissions Policy Revision

Resolution to Permit Blackboard Building Blocks from Publishers

Resolution Supporting the Faculty Assembly regarding Governance and the Laboratory School situation

Resolution to Establish Task Force to work on Non Curricular/Course Policy Clarification Issues

Courtesy Appointments

Resolution to Establish a Term Withdrawal Option in Catalog 

Support proposal for International Faculty and Staff Council

Resolution to Remove Graduate Dean from CRC

Permit Tier II on CRC

Resolution to Establish a Program Assessment Task Force

Resolution to change TOEFL Requirements

EO Position Statement

Minor Minimum GPA

APR13 Military Services

2015-16 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

  1. Changes to Graduate School Admission Requirements FS-021816.APRC.5
  2. Policy 89 Revision FS-021816
  3. Liberal Studies Revision FS-012716
  4. Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's (ABM) Framework FS-042016
  5. Full Election of Collegial Review Committee Membership FS-042016
  6. Additional Language to Section 4.04A (WCU Collegial Review, Overview) of the Faculty Handbook Regarding the Faculty Activity Database FS-042016
  7. Resolution in Response to NC House Bill 2 FS-042716
  8. Resolution Creating a joint Task Force on Racism FS-042716

2014-15 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

  1. Policy Change on non-degree seeking students, Graduate Catalog edit
  2. Request the Board of Governors to remove the requirement that President Ross retire at the beginning of 2016
  3. Resolution on Special Studies Name Change
  4. Resolution on Dean's and Chancellor's List
  5. Resolution adding a statement on the use of the Faculty Activity Database to Section 4.04 Faculty Handbook
  6. Edit to the Policy of Enrollment at Graduation - Graduate Catalog
  7. Resolution on Multidisciplinary Writing Anthology
  8. Resolution Against Proxy Voting for Collegial Review (Section 4.04 and 4.07 Faculty Handbook)
  9. Reorganization of Academic Unit FS-042315.06
  10. Resolution on Leave of Absence Policy FS-042315.05
  11. Resolution on Changing and Deleting Instructors in Course Eval FS-042315.04
  12. Resolution on Post-Tenure Review Policies and Procedures FS-042315.03
  13. Resolution on Revising Emeritus Faculty Status FS-042315.02
  14. Resolution on Transfer of Credit Policy FS-042315.01
  15. Resolution on Graduate Faculty Status FS-043015.01
  16. Resolution on Gender Equality FS-043015.02
  17. Fixed-Term Faculty Salary and Policy Task Force FS-043015.03

2013-14 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

  1. Changes in Faculty Handbook to reflect Library Org Changes
  2. Addition of Language to Faculty Handbook 4.09
  3. Resolution on System Wide Competencies
  4. Addition of Protected Classes Language to Faculty Handbook 4.06
  5. Resolution on Public Voting
  6. Changes to Faculty Hearing and Grievance Committees/Procedures/Section 4.10 and Faculty By-Laws
  7. Fostering Student Success Policy Change
  8. Clarification of Language in FH Section 4.07
  9. Creation of a Chancellor's List
  10. A+ Resolution (not approved)
  11. Resolution on support for UNC Faculty Assembly resolution on General Education Council's work on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
  12. Resolution on support for UNC Faculty Assembly resolution on Transparency of Financial Impacts in Academic Program Prioritization Processes
  13. Resolution of support for UNC Faculty Assembly resolution on Post Tenure Review
  14. Policy on Written Student Complaint Log
  15. Policy on Non-Degree Seeking Students
  16. Policy of Faculty Courtesy Appointments
  17. Faculty Workload, Section 5.0 of Faculty Handbook

2012-13 Faculty Senate Routing Forms

  1. Removal of Semesterly Meetings for Faculty Senate and COD
  2. Electing Faculty to University Budget Advisory Committee
  3. UNC Strategic Plan Input
  4. Criminology & CJ reorganization (move from CHHS to CAS)
  5. Tobacco Free West Campus
  6. Change of Graduate Credit Hours
  7. Academic Publishers and Blackboard
  8. Participation of UP Program Students in Commencement
  9. Adjusting Timelines for Senator Elections
  10. Clarifying Elections of Liberal Studies & UCC Members (Article II, Section 10)
  11. Senate Leadership Eligibility
  12. Faculty Senate change from Vice Chair to Chair Elect/Past Chair
  13. Recommendations from the Child Care Task Force
  14. Exception to Emeritus Application Timeline, FH 4.11
  15. Clarificaton of Language in 4.07 & 4.08 re. APR 4
  16. Clarification of PTR Timetable and Denial of Promotion (FH 4.08)
  17. Clarification of Language in 4.07 & 4.08 re: APR 4
  18. Graduate School Conditional Admission Policy
  19. Best Practices Recommendation on Abstention Voting in Collegial Review Actions
  20. Changes to Faculty Constitution, By-Laws and Senate By-Laws

2011-12 Faculty Senate Routing Forms
Links to Routing Forms:
1. SAI Procedures
2. Modification of Faculty Handbook 4.07 A.3.B, 3C, 6C: Criteria for Early Tenure and Promotion
3. University Standards for Teaching Effectiveness and Evaluation of Teaching (4.04 C.1; 4.05 B.1; B.2)
4. University Community Responsibilities and Shared Governance
5. Policy of Reorganization of Academic Units
6. Proxy Voting
7. Confidentiality and Unanimous Voting
8. In Progress Grade Policy
9. Substantive Change Policy - SACS
10. Faculty Workload
11. Faculty Handbook Section 4.11 Status Appointments
12. Faculty Handbook Section 14.0 Curriculum Development and Revisions
13. Faculty Handbook 4.11 - Emeritus Status apply within 2 years
14. Graduate School Policy on Non-Degree Admission
15. Faculty Handbook 4.07 D2
16. Policy on Stop Out/Leave
17. Review of Student Attendance and Progress Policy
18. Faculty Handbook Section 4.04
19. Resolution Against NC Amendment One
20. Resolution on A+
21. Section 4.06 (Reappt for Tenure Track Faculty)
22. Section 4.11 (Status Appts) to clarify Emeritus Status Process
23. Resolution to Modify the Course Eval in Summer
24. Resolution on Open Searches
25. Section 4.04 C (Collegial Review) (Intro to Univ. Stds for CR)
26. Resolution on Gen Ed / Lib Studies Assessment
27. Resolution on Gen Ed/Lib Studies Task Follow up

2010-11 Faculty Senate Routing Forms
Links to Routing Forms:

1. Class Attendance Policy - Absence Due to Religious Observations
2. Reappointment/Tenure dossier Review in Years 2/4/6
3. Extension of Course Eval Window of Opportunity
4. Supporting the Service Ethos
5. Chancellor's Travel Fund Availability to Non-Tenure Track Faculty (not approved)
6. Clarifying Policy on Final Grade Changes
7. Extending the Chancellor's Travel Fund Spring Deadline
8. CRC Resolution, amended: Removal of Post-Tenure review catagory from current Aa-12 form
9. Academic Calendar 2011-12
10. Support of Freedom of the Press at WCU
11. SAI Response Rate
12. Summer School Teaching Load Limit
13. Proposing changes to the Faculty Handbook Sections 4.08D and 4.08G
14. Student Professionalism
15. Creating a Child Care Task Force
16. Extending Faculty Scholarship Task Force Deadline
17. Academic Freedom and Updating UNC Code
18. Changes to Faculty Handbook Secton 4.04D1: Collegial Review & Confidentiality
19. Clarification in the election and appointment process for UCRC (4.07 D3)
20. Best Practice Guidelines for College CRC Committees
21. Changes to Faculty Handbook 4.03 - 4.08 (DCRD changes)
22. Changes to Faculty Handbook 4.08G
23. Modification to Handbook 4.07 C3 Review Deadlines
24. Honors College Liberal Studies Course Replacement Form
25. Modification to Handbook 4.04 E7 and 4.04 E8
26. Allowing Longboarding on Campus
27. Support of Request concerning Provost's decisions for Reappointment
28. Transparency and Accountability in Budget Decisions
29. Proposed Revisions to Graduate School Application and Admission Policy
30. Emeritus Faculty Status
31. Modification of Faculty Handbook Sections 4.06 B4
32. Liberal Studies Budget Resolution
33. Posting of University Budgets
34. Resolution to Table Restructuring of CEAP
35. Creation of a Semesterly Meeting between Faculty Senate and the Council Of Deans
36. Faculty Handbook Section 5.03 Cancellation of Classes
38. Establishment of a Reorganization Task
39. Modification of Faculty Handbook 4.06
40. Appointment to Graduate Faculty Status (4.11)
41. Revisions to Faculty Handbook Sections 4.03, 4.04, 4.05, 4.07 and 4.10
42. Modification of Faculty Handbook 4.05B
43. Graduate Council Resolution
44. International Graduate Student Admission
45. Enrollment in Semester of Conferral
46. Paul A. Reid Award Committee
47. Honors College Curriculum

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