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Faculty Affairs Council

Membership 2018 - 2019

Amy Murphy-Nugen, Chair

Members: Charmion Rush, Catherine Carter, Heather Mae Erickson, Matthew Rave, Sharon Metcalfe


The welfare and development of the Faculty falls under the jurisdiction of the FAC excluding specific issues that are the jurisdiction of the other two Senate Councils, the Academic Policy and Review Council and the Collegial Review Council. In particular, the following fall under the jurisdiction of the FAC:

  • Student Assessment Instruments are overseen by the FAC

Membership of the FAC shall include:

  • Senators, preferably at least one from each College
  • one faculty representative from each of the Dean's Advisory Committee chosen annually by that body.

Once the Council membership is established, if there is no representation from a particular College, the Dean of the affected College shall be requested to provide a member. If a Dean does not meet this expectation within 10 working days of the request, such vacancy will be filled by the Senate Leadership. The Chair of the FAC must be a Senator and will be appointed by Senate Leadership. The Chair will serve a one-year term and shall be eligible for additional terms.

Examples of issues worked on in recent history: Gender Equality, Fixed-term Faculty Task Force, Faculty Workload, Child Care Task Force and Policy Suggestions, Student Evaluations and Validation Plan for the Student Assessment Instrument, Parking, VA Tech Recommendations, Faculty Membership on UAC, Copyright and Patent Policy Revision, Faculty Memorial

As the managing body for Student Assessment Instrument (SAI) policies, the Faculty Affairs Council also has domain over the SAI Technical Advisory Committee.

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