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General Faculty Officers, Committees, Councils and Faculty Assembly

Faculty Senate Officers

Title Year College  Name
Chair of the Faculty 2021-2022 A&S Professor Laura Wright
Past-Chair of the Faculty 2021-2022 COB Professor Kadence Otto
Secretary 2021-2023 A&S Associate Professor Erin McNelis
Chair- Elect 2021-2022 A&S Professor Indi Bose


Faculty Senate Council Chairs

Title Year College Name
APRC, Chair 2021-2022  A&S Will Lehman
CRC, Chair 2021-2022  A&S Drew Virtue
FAC, Chair 2021-2022  A&S Cheryl Waters-Tormey
Rules Committee, Chair 2021-2022  A&S Indi Bose


Faculty Assembly

Title Year College Name
Senior Delegate 2020-2023 A&S Vicki Szabo
Delegate 2021-2022 A&S Laura Wright
Delegate 2020-2023 E&T Wes Stone
Alternate 2020-2023 E&T Bill Yang
Alternate 2019-2022 HHS Beth Wall-Bassett


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