General Faculty Officers, Committees, Councils and Faculty Assembly

Faculty Senate Officers
Chair of the Faculty 2018-2019 FPA Assistant Professor Damon Sink
Past-Chair of the Faculty 2018-2019 A&S Professor Brian Railsback
Secretary 2017-2020 A&S Assistant Professor Ophir Sefiha
Chair- Elect 2018-2019 HHS Associate Professor Shawn Collins
Faculty Senate Council Chairs
APRC, Chair 2018-2019 COB Associate Professor Ken Sanney
CRC, Chair 2018-2019 E&T Associate Professor Wes Stone
FAC, Chair 2018-2019 HHS  Assistant Professor Amy Murphy-Nugen
Rules Committee, Chair 2018-2019 HHS Associate Professor Shawn Collins
Faculty Assembly
Senior Delegate 2016-2019 A&S Associate Professor Vicki Szabo
Delegate 2017-2018 A&S Professor Brian Railsback
Delegate 2017-2020 HHS Assistant Professor Rebecca Lasher
Alternate 2016-2019 COB Associate Professor Leroy Kauffman
Alternate 2017-2020 E&T Associate Professor Sudhir Kaul
Office of Web Services