Campus Mail Policies and Procedures

The purpose of Western Carolina University campus mail services is to provide efficient distribution of the US Postal Service and inter-departmental mail for University departments. Only official University mail and mail from independent organizations, both student and non-student, recognized by the University may be distributed throughout the campus mail system. Mail for personal or private purposes is not eligible for postage-free distribution. The University cannot pay any postage for mail from independent organizations.



The mail clerks will make one pickup and delivery stops at the campus offices between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. All outgoing mail must be ready for pickup at the normal pickup time. With over 100 pickup locations, time constraints will not permit the mail carrier to wait for the mail to be prepared. Large volume mailings, (200 pieces or more, bulk mailings, catalogs, etc.) and outgoing parcel post packages will be picked up by the Mail Service personnel and transported to the Mail Room for processing if advance notification is given. When possible, a minimum of three days advance notification is required to avoid scheduling conflicts with other departments. Mailings are scheduled and processed in the order they are received.

The Mail Department will also do a "pickup only" route for outgoing and campus mail in the afternoon. We will only make stops at strategic academic areas that have been predetermined. This would normally be one stop for each building or area. You may also drop off mail at our offices, which are located in the University Print Shop. Mail that is dropped off by 3:45 pm can normally be processed that same day. Please call the Mail Dept. if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.


To assure efficient processing of the University mail, please prepare outgoing mail in accordance with the following procedures and instructions. All outgoing mail must be separated by classification; all envelopes turned the same way and bound before mail personnel will pick them up.


US Mail

United States Mail which is to be processed through the University postage meter and transferred to the US Post Office must be placed in a separate bundle. Envelopes should all be turned the same way with flaps either stacked (nested) inside of each other or sealed. The Mail Dept. can only seal letters that require postage. We cannot seal manila or large side-seal envelopes. Outgoing mail should be placed in an envelope (single or tri-folded letters have a high risk of damage by postal equipment). The bundle must be secured with a rubber band. US Mail should be further separated into bundles according to the classification which require special postage computation such as Air Mail, post cards, etc., (and if possible, different weights of mail should be separated). Mail going out of the country should always be kept separate to insure adequate postage and timely delivery.

State Courier Mail

Courier mail must be prepared in a separate bundle bundle ready for pick up.The Courier directory may be accessed at the N.C. Courier website at

Campus Mail

Campus mail must be prepared in a separate bundle and bound by a rubber band. When using inter-office envelopes, please fold the flap inside, or if the envelope is bulky, bind it with a rubber band. PLEASE DO NOT USE TAPE TO SEAL THE ENVELOPES. TAPE DAMAGES THE ENVELOPES FOR CONTINUED USE. Campus-wide mailings should be sorted by department, not by building or room number. Mail addressed to faculty and staff should include department name. If mail volumes are heavy (holidays, special events, etc.) and you have bulky items to deliver, you may be asked to hold these until a more convenient time.

Other Classifications

All stamped personal or postage-paid mail must be bound separately.


Only University correspondence and material for official University business are to be posted by the University postage meter. Postage of personal mail by the University postage meter constitutes a misuse of State funds and is prohibited by State law.


As a service to University employees, Mail Service personnel will pick up personal mail with the proper postage affixed from the department mailbox of the addressee. However, EMPLOYEES SHOULD NOT ROUTINELY USE THE UNIVERISITY BUSINESS ADDRESSES AS THEIR ADDRESS OF RECORD FOR PERSONAL MAIL. The University Mail Service cannot assume responsibility for lost, misplaced, or delayed personal mail. Personal packages will be held in the Mail Dept. for notification and pick-up. Mail Dept. staff are not allowed to deliver personal packages.


A large volume of third and fourth-class mail (catalogs, magazines, etc.) is distributed to University departments each day. University employees are asked to periodically review the mail they receive in these classes. When an item serves no useful purpose please request that the name be removed from the sender's mailing list.


For questions and assistance, please contact the Mail Department at 227-7305.


The distribution of "chain letters" in the campus mail is prohibited and is illegal.


The account from which to charge a mailing is determined by the return address on the envelope; or by any special instructions indicating a specific account number to be used attached to a bundle prepared for mailing. Notification by written memo to the Mail Department of any change (addition or deletion) of an account number is the responsibility of the accountable officer for the account. The mail department is not responsible for keeping up with departmental mail budget account balances.


Guideline for determining how to address mail for distribution are as follows:

  • Mail pick-up boxes should be placed in an easily accessible location.
  • The official USPS address for the University is: One University Drive.
  • Large mailings should not be placed in boxes that weigh over 40 pounds.
  • Mail addressed to the Chancellor's home, NCCAT, UNC-A, Enka campus, AB Tech, and students living in residence halls (which should be include the student's suite number), may be delivered by the campus mail system.
  • Mail addressed to local churches, church student centers, fraternities, and other organizations located off-campus must be posted and delivered through the US Postal Service.
  • UPS (United Parcel Service) parcels are mailed and billed through the Bookstore.
  • Federal Express, Purolator, Airborne, etc., are private companies and must be contacted directly.
  • Express Mail that needs to go out after our local last pickup must be brought to the mailroom by 3:45 p.m.
  • Change of address procedures is the responsibility of the individual or department not the mailroom.
  • Campus mail placed in regular envelopes must be sealed. The Mail Department cannot seal these letters.
  • If for some reason your office must be closed for an extended period, please let the Mail Department know in advance to avoid unnecessary delivery.
  • Do not use inter-office envelopes for student addresses as they cannot be recycled.
  • Departments are urged not to mail single or tri folded sheets of paper. These are highly likely to jam in both Mail Dept. and Postal Service mailing equipment. This may result in the destruction of the mail piece. Departments should not use red or pink envelopes to be stamped. Our postage ink is red and may be mistakenly identified as having no postage on them. For those involved with the designing of mail pieces, we recommend that the upper right hand corner of the mail piece remain clear so that postage can be applied. An area of 1 inch high and 2 inches long will be needed. As always, any questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to the Mail Department.


The University has made the campus mail service available to independent and recognized organizations on order to encourage the success of student, staff, and faculty organizations, which help the University fulfill its mission. It is not the intent of the University to create a public forum through its mail service. The University retains the right to restrict the use of its mail service to official University mail.

For purposes of this policy, an independent recognized student's organization is one that has been recognized by the Office for Student Affairs.

A non-student organization is eligible to be considered as an independent recognized organization under this policy if it is an independent, non-profit organization, with a minimum membership of fifty members, that is open to all university employees and retired employees but is closed to all others. While formal incorporation is unnecessary, the organization must have an operative set of by-laws declaring that its main purpose is to serve the University and assist it in the pursuit of common goals.

Independent recognized organizations seeking to use the campus mail service must file an application (see attached) with the Director of Auxiliary Services.

If an independent organization's application to use the campus mail service is denied, revoked, or suspended for one or more reasons, the organization may appeal that decision in writing to the chair of the Campus Mail Policy and Procedures Review committee. A suspension shall be effective during an appeal. The appeal must be filed within five (5) business days of the negative decision. The Committee shall be composed of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance (Chair), the Executive Director of Advancement, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (designated by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs). The chair may appoint substitutes when designated members are unavailable. The committee shall hear presentations from the organization and the Office of Auxiliary Services within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written appeal. The Committee shall make a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance within ten (10) business days of hearing both parities. The proceeding shall be informal. Rules of evidence do not apply. An attorney may represent neither side. The Committee may consult with other officials and experts as needed. The Vice Chancellor may accept, reject or modify the Committee's recommendation. The Vice Chancellor will issue a decision within ten (10) business days of receipt of a recommendation. That decision may be appealed in writing to the Chancellor within (5) business days or receipt of the Vice Chancellor's decision. The Chancellor's decision will be final.

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