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Website Support

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University Communications and Marketing provides support for administrators across campus charged with editing content on any section of the website.

This includes managing the content management system and site search platform, campus map, consulting on information architecture and user experience, developing custom web solutions as needed, approving all submitted changes to content on the site, and providing training and daily technical support to admins.

We also oversee content for the university homepage and gateway pages and build custom sites to support new initiatives and marketing campaigns.

Website Troubleshooting

Having trouble with the website or need a web-based solution? Submit a web request in the UCM project request form.

Auxiliary Support

Does your unit need support on writing copy for your website and managing updates from content owners across your unit? We can assign you a writer and editor to manage your site for a monthly fee based on your expected volume of edits. We can also assist with short-term web writing and editing projects.

For more information on fee-based web content support, contact Director of Digital Strategy, Donna Gallo.

Administrator Training

Any campus employee assigned by their unit or department to update and manage web pages can be given access to those pages by attending a basic training session for our website content management system. Trainings are scheduled at least once a month and include basic training on all interior page features as well as tips for creating the best possible content for your site. CMS Manager Patrick Hinkle schedules and oversees our training program.

Upcoming training sessions are scheduled for:

Day Date Level Time Location
Monday October 14 Advanced 2-3:30pm  Belk 406 
Friday October 18 Beginner 10-11:30am  Belk 406 
Tuesday October 22 Advanced 10-11:30am Belk 406
Tuesday October 29 Beginner 1-2:30pm Belk 406

Training can also be provided on a one-on-one basis. To schedule a time, contact Patrick Hinkle at

Finding the help you need

University Marketing partners with the IT Systems and Applications team to support a wide variety of online needs. Marketing's role is management of the external website (, our content management system, and our search functionality. IT supports our Intranet (myWCU), Banner functionality, and embedded applications such as our 25Live calendar tool. The information below is to help you find the help you need.


WCU's scheduling and calendar tool, 25Live, can be used to create a custom calendar specific to your unit or department. These calendars are set up and supported by personnel in WCU's IT division. To request a calendar, submit a request at or email

Once your calendar has been created, it can be embedded on your unit or department website by sending our external web team a request using the same links as above. Your calendar can be included as a sidebar element on multiple pages upon request.


Web administrators have access to create new web pages or folders within their existing sections. If you are unsure of where a new page should go within the site, have questions about the appropriate page template, or need help setting up a new folder, please submit a web request in the UCM project request form

If you are launching a new program or initiative that needs an entirely new section on, please submit a request and you will be connected to our Web Content Manager, Amelia Bryan, for support and guidance.

Custom Web Design for a special initiative

Marketing also does custom website design to support special initiatives including marketing or fundraising campaigns and special events. If your event or initiative will repeat annually, we prefer your site be hosted on the campus CMS platform. For short-term campaigns that require unique web functionality, custom sites can be designed and built. Visit the UCM Request portal to submit a request

Blog or News Content within your site

We often get requests for the ability to operate a blog within a specific unit or department sites. In the fall of 2018, University Marketing launched blog capabilities within the content management system. Access to this new functionality requires the unit to define a content strategy and assign staff responsible for managing the strategy. For more information on the process please contact Web Content Manager Amelia Bryan at

Note that University Communications and Public Relations creates and publishes news on various departments at A feed of your department news as published on the university news site can be tagged and embedded as a feed in your university web pages. To set up a feed, submit a web request in the UCM project request form

Custom Campus Map

With the launch of our interactive online map, we have the capability to create dynamic maps for a variety of events across campus. For more information or to request changes to our campus map please contact Web Content Manager Amelia Bryan at

If you are a Campus Bird Editor, you may submit your changes here.

Photos for your site

If you need new photos for your site, please contact University Photography through the UCM project request formPhotography maintains a repository of photos of most programs and units and can shoot new or additional photography upon request. Please plan ahead and expect a realistic turnaround of approximately 30 days to allow for scheduling, shooting, and editing.

If you have photos and need to have them sized appropriately for your website, please submit them to our lead web designer, Haley Hopper at You can also size your photos within the CMS. See training opportunities above.

Video for your site

If you would like to have video produced for your website, please submit a videography request in the UCM project request form. While we have great in-house video resources, there is a great deal of demand on video to meet university needs. University Communications and Marketing (UCM) work with university leadership to identify priorities each semester for our video department and take on additional projects as time is available.

If you have a budget to support the project, UCM can also assist in identifying freelance video talent and managing the project.

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