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Police Victim Services

Western Carolina campus


The Western Carolina University Police Victims Services Office is a support service for the victims and survivors of sensitive crimes. Included in these crimes are hate crimes, sexual assault, assaults and robberies, relationship violence, and stalking (known as crimes against persons). 

Victim support services include:  

  • Individual and workplace safety-planning
  • Review of NC victim rights, Campus Sexual Assault Bill of Rights, related law, legal definitions of crimes, and relative legislation
  • Provide resource information, as well as referrals to campus and external support agencies
  • Explain Title IX and give WCU Title IX Officers contact information
  • Explain options and procedures for reporting
  • Explain criminal court procedures, as well as steps involved in criminal prosecution
  • Explain Campus Department of Student Community Ethic's (DSCE) judicial investigations and sanctions
  • Explain obtaining civil protective orders vs DSCE no contact order
    Educational initiatives, to possibly enhance personal safety choices and avoid re-victimization

The WCU Police Department strives consistently to make sure that reported incidents, including sexual assault cases among other crimes, receive full review, appropriate attention and thorough investigation. Our officers make sure that victims are notified of available resources, and assist the victim with phone numbers and referrals. In cases where a crime has been committed and there is probable cause, we will seek criminal charges. In cases where a crime has not been committed or the burden of proof cannot be met but we still find that University policy has been violated, we will refer the individuals to the appropriate department for review and actions.

Our goals as law enforcement officers are to determine if a crime has been committed, who committed it, to gather evidence, and to establish if there is enough probable cause to bring forward a criminal case to present to the DA. It is ultimately the DA who decides if there is enough probable cause to go forward with criminal prosecution. If the DA does go forward with criminal prosecution our officers are ready. At the same time, our officers work to assist the victim in their process of recovery. Our officers strive to make sure every victim is aware of services available to them, and they are afforded the opportunity to go forward and engage in the criminal justice system.

Our Victim Services Sergeant, Sgt. Brittany Thompson works cooperatively with the WCUPD's Detective, Office of Student Affairs, DSCE, Psychological Services, Health Services and many off campus departments and resources to ensure victims are informed about their options.The Victims Services Sergeant is also Western's Crime Prevention Coordinator. The Services Sergeant schedules and coordinates all WCUPD programs which are given by our officers to Faculty, Staff, Students and the Community. This service is provided to use training to raise awareness about crimes against persons, property and other such crimes.The WCUPD Victim Services Sergeant is available to provide post-crisis support to persons who report they have been a victim of a crime. Campus community members who have not experienced a crime, but want to explore our services are welcome to call as well. Services available include:

These services are available to staff, faculty, and students. Individuals who wish to become more informed about any of the aforementioned areas, or would like develop an individualized plan for safety, are welcome to make an appointment. For more information about these services, please contact WCUPD's Victim Services Sergeant Brittany Thompson at 828.227.3204 or 828.227.7301 or email Sgt. Thompson at

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