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Crime Prevention Information

Partners For Protection



Crime prevention is a collaborative effort between the citizens of Western Carolina University and the Police Department. The Western Carolina University Police Department is dedicated to promoting the safety and security of its residents.

Burglary, theft, auto theft, vehicle prowling, and vandalism are the most prevalent crimes on campus. They are the easiest crimes to commit and the easiest to prevent, but some of the most difficult crimes to solve since they are frequently witnessless crimes. Taking responsibility for securing your room, your vehicle, and your personal property is a major step towards helping to ensure the security of your property.

Although not as frequent as property crimes, offenses against individuals do occur. Our community members are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and the individuals with whom they associate. We also encourage our community members to immediately report anyone who is acting or appears to be acting in a suspicious manner by dialing the police telecommunicator at 828.227.8911 or 828.227.7301.

We encourage everyone to be vigilant and watch out for themselves and their neighbors. Watch communities have proven to be a deterrent to criminal activity. Criminals want to be able to victimize without being caught and strong communities force them to seek other areas. You are the eyes and ears for crime prevention.

The Western Carolina University Police Department can provide information and training on a variety of crime prevention topics such as personal safety, identity theft, disaster preparedness, and domestic terrorism.

Please feel free to contact Sgt. Jacob Deal for assistance in arranging this training:

Support Services Sgt. Jacob Deal

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