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Student Deposits Policy

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Each first-year or transfer student (enrolling as degree-seeking undergraduates for the first time) who:

  1. is admitted to WCU
  2. in resident-credit coursework (as opposed to a distance learning program)

is required to submit a nonrefundable tuition deposit of $150 in order to attend orientation, secure a space in the entering class, register for classes, or enroll.

New students who are required or who desire to live in a university residence hall for fall or spring semester must submit a nonrefundable housing deposit of $150 and a housing contract for the appropriate new term by stated deadlines. First-year residential students (including first-year students who have advanced credit hours) and transfer students who have earned fewer than 30 hours of transferable credit are required to live on campus for two or more semesters. Refer to University Policy 96 for details and exceptions.

Deposits should be made online by credit card or submitted to Student Services or the Student Accounts Office as soon after admission as possible in order to reserve a space and to have greater priority in the pre-registration and placement processes. Any required deposits should be submitted no later than May 1 for summer or fall term and December 1 for spring term. The nonrefundable deposits will be credited to the students’ accounts after the corresponding charges for the new term are posted.

Checks should be made payable to Western Carolina University. Students who are submitting both tuition and housing deposits may pay with one check. Payments received after stated deadlines will be accepted on a space-available basis. Financial aid awards may not be used to cover deposits.

If a student submits a tuition or housing deposit for a specific semester and does not attend WCU that semester but attends a subsequent semester during the year, the deposit may be recoded and applied to the new term.

The tuition deposit policy includes students taking resident-credit courses in Asheville, Cherokee, and other off-campus sites or programs. The policy also includes WCU employees and international students, including those attending under agreements.

This policy does not apply to non-degree, graduate, exchange or distance learning students for tuition deposits. Non-degree, graduate and exchange students applying for housing must submit the Residence Hall Agreement and nonrefundable housing deposit.

Deposit waivers for students who have demonstrated full need via the financial aid process (only students who are considered full-need by the federal government) or that have been recommended by Athletics will be granted. Waivers will be provided only upon request and following review of the student’s financial aid application. If a student makes a deposit and subsequently receives a waiver, the deposit may be refunded upon request. Students must contact the Office of Financial Aid to request a waiver.

Waitlisted students who do not get seated in the fall class will have their tuition and housing deposits refunded. The people who are on the waitlist who decide not to come to WCU are also eligible for refunds.

A WCU Residence Hall Agreement must be completed and returned to Residential Living by those students who plan to live in a University residence hall. First-year students who are not married or living with a parent(s) while attending the University are required to live on campus and are guaranteed a space within a residence hall. First-year students who wish to live off campus must receive permission from the Department of Residential Living. Transfer and re-admitted students who wish to reside in University housing must submit the nonrefundable housing deposit and Residence Hall Agreement.

Students who begin their enrollment in the summer terms are required to submit the tuition and housing deposit for summer and must submit the Residence Hall Agreement if they wish or are required to reside in University housing. Submission of the $150 tuition deposit will (1) reserve a space in the summer and (2) permit the student to register for summer and fall semester classes. A fall tuition deposit will not be required. Similarly, each summer participant must submit a $150 housing deposit by stated deadlines, which will be used for housing assignment purposes for both the summer term and fall semester. Because room and roommate assignments may differ in the summer and fall, summer participants are required to complete and submit housing contracts for both the summer and fall sessions (two separate forms) if they plan or are required to live on campus for both terms. These nonrefundable deposits will be credited to summer charges.

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