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Credit Card Convenience Fee FAQ

1. Why charge a convenience fee for processing credit card transactions?

Historically, the costs associated with credit card use were absorbed by the University. As a result of the budget reductions, the University chose to impose the convenience fee to defray these costs rather than divert limited remaining resources from instructional activities.

2. How was the 2.95% convenience fee determined?

To cover the operating costs associated with processing card payments and with maintaining its information and technology infrastructure, TouchNet charges a 2.95% nonrefundable fee ($3.00 minimum) on credit card transactions processed. The percentage rate for the convenience fee was determined by TouchNet as part of the outsourcing agreement for services and approved by the State of NC Office of State Budget and Management.

3. Is the convenience fee refundable if the credit card payment is refunded?

No, the convenience fee is not refundable.

4. What are my payment options?

The following payment methods are accepted.

Payment Type Method Location
Cash In person Student Accounts, Killian Annex
Check, Money Order, Certified Check In person, U.S. Mail, or other mail package delivery services such as UPS, etc. Student Accounts, Killian Annex
WebCheck (No Convenience Fee) Online Only Bill+Payment through myWCU
Credit Cards, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Visa (Convenience Fee) Online Only Bill+Payment through myWCU

All credit card payments will be assessed a 2.95% nonrefundable convenience fee ($3.00 minimum).

5. What are the "Free" online payment options?

Students and authorized users may pay online with webCheck without incurring any additional costs. When making payments in Bill+Payment through myWCU, students and authorized users may select webCheck. They will be prompted to enter a valid bank routing and account number and to authorize the payment from the checking account associated with the banking information provided.
Instructions for logging into Bill+Payment, setting up authorized users and making payments

6. Are other colleges and universities within North Carolina making similar changes?

Yes. The majority of the UNC System schools have elected to make these changes in response to on-going budget cuts from the State of North Carolina.

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